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Any ideas how I could make a ring for my girlfriend?

Asked by novio (2points) October 6th, 2008

I want to make a ring, or rather a set of rings one for me and one for my girlfriend. They should both have a kind of clicky button that when pressed by one tells the other what they need. Not really, but we can pretend that they do that. I just want them to look slick and high-tech so that it will be easy to imagine that they actually work as described. The button should have a tactile and barely audible click to it, like the iPhone’s home button. LEDs would be cool, but lets not get ahead of ourselves. I’m mainly looking for ideas for materials that would be durable, cool looking, and comfortable to wear. Bonus points for drawings!

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Here’s an idea;–5_W0QQitemZ380033554614QQcmdZViewItem these are rings that have watches in them. I could open them up and hook the battery and switches up to a blinky LED or something.

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And here’s a little electronics switch that I could use. Any ideas for what metal I could embed this in?

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Who on the earth would like a geek engagement ring?

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Unless you have access to casting or metal-working equipment, you’re pretty much going to have to use PMC (precious metal clay) to form the metal parts of the ring.

PMC is cool stuff. It’s powdered gold or silver mixed into a combustible clay; you can form it into any shape you want, then fire it in a small inexpensive furnace. The heat burns the clay out and fuses the powdered metal into a solid piece.

It’s by far the easiest way to get a metal shape and looks as good as a cast piece. But the PMC is quite expensive.

I have no input to offer on the geeky bits.

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Try posing the question to the amazing people of Orchid , a Fluther-like collective of jewelry-making mavens.

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My suggestion:
LED lights in a ring more lights light up as you get closer to each other wearing the rings.

Based on these shirts:

I do not know HOW to do it, but I’m sure it CAN be done. The transmitter box and batteries are really big on those, but I think they could be made smaller. I just don’t know how to do it. It would be really cool though. The only thing is that you’d have to plan for biggish rings. Not a big deal on the man’s ring, harder to plan out for the lady’s ring.

You could also go for encryption rings like the set shown on BoingBoing recently. They had moving parts to allow the couples to make codes and use the rings as decoders for messages.

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Harp: Was going to suggest PMC as well.
But I’m thinking, with the proposed electronic parts, that might be a problem.
How to melt the binder without damaging electronics?

You could fire it without the parts inside.
Except PMC tends to shrink a bit after you fire it.
How to keep its shape without actually have the pieces inside?

I think if you need it to be precise, you’ll have to
find someone to do a lost wax cast or something.

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Yeah, PMC shrinks 30% (linear) during firing. I would think that the cavity for the electronics would have to be formed over-sized, and then the electronics could be “potted” in with epoxy. They’d need to be insulated from the metal anyway, if they’re actually functional.

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You can go find a ring designer at a small local jewelry store, and give him a sketch. They can make wax models of the ring from which you can develop your design. When satisfied, he can use the lost wax process to cast your ring. We did that with my wife’s wedding ring.

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is it possible ???
we can make wax model of the ring.
I will definitely try this one.

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