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What is the worst way to die?

Asked by enjoi_musiq (32points) October 6th, 2008 from iPhone

I know completely random, but boring classes make stupid questions like this appear.

Drowning in oil is a terrible way.

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Er, I’m guessing crucifixion would have to be right up there on the list.

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Or being burned alive, or drowning in water, or being eaten alive.

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Starvation is pretty popular.

Belly wounds are nasty, if you’re looking for something more expedient.

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Getting your head chopped off slowly.

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I wonder why deaddolly hasn’t commented on this one, yet?

She loves topics like this!

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My vote is suffocating. Which could go along with drowing. I imagine you could feel yourself slowly fading. Eek. If I was in water I would proably just inhale so it would go quicker.

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drowning because you’re aware of it.

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@ mr. M: that reminds me of the first and only beheaded video I watched online. I think he used something like a butterknife for the job. I don’t know what I was thinking but at least the sound was out of sync with the video. It made it less “real” some how. I was grossed out for a few days.

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Being boiled alive.

No, no… Being tortured in an iron maiden.

Or, even worse, being boiled alive after being tortured in an iron maiden. Ouch.

or what happens to the ‘sloth’ victim in the film seven

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I’m here!!!! I was at a tattoo convention all weekend!!!!

I would hate to die by drowning or by fire. Or being eaten alive by ants. Or buried alive.
Torture is always interesting. I personally think the old days of torturing criminals is the way to go…

As for me, I’d prefer to go in my sleep.

Some ppl deserve to die in horrible ways….becasue they’re horrible ppl. Drowning in oil would be perfect for the CEO’s of the oil companies that keep rasing prices….

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i always thought drowning or choking to death would be two terrible ways, because i think i’d have that moment of sheer panic when i realized i couldn’t breathe. that would be really scary. i’ve choked a few times on food and it is really scary. like a real panicky feeling. I went to Hawaii when i was 13 and i got rolled around in the waves, didn’t know which way was up, and that was really scary, too.

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Drowning and choking are the same thing.
Not being able to breathe makes the organism panic
and thrash around in agony in a condition
known by hospital people as “air hunger”. Even people with no oxygen coming into their
bodies (because, say, they’re dying of pneumonia) kick and throw their arms around and
arch their backs and throw themselves out of bed in a supreme (but hopeless) effort to
find air. Like a fish out of water. Spare me that.

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Most definitely ending up in hell for infinity.

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Ever see Braveheart? Sounds like William Wallace got to try out several of the worst ways.

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The slower the death, the longer the pain, the worse the death will be.

The worst death would be experienced by anyone in an underwater vehicle. Imagine this: You are alone in a tiny vehicle, 20000 leagues under the sea. Something malfunctions, and a few minutes later, there’s a large explosion. The explosion wasn’t enough to kill you, only enough to cause horrible, horrible burns (like Harvey Dent’s burns in The Dark Knight).

As you are writhing in pain from the burns, the cabin starts to fill up with SALT water (now if you haven’t experienced salt in a wound, go try it. Then imagine wounds all over your body.) A second explosion blows the vehicle to smithereens, leaving you defenseless against the enormous pressure that the ocean is exerting on you.

If you’ve somehow survived this long, then you slowly suffer through suffocating. To make matters worse, a shark comes by and mangles your torso. So now you have half a body exposed to salt water.

If you’ve (for some twisted reason by a higher being) survived this long, you go through one more thing in this series of unfortunate events. You notice the ink of an octopus around you. It gets inside your skin, thanks to the shark eating half of you. You breathe in this ink in your gasps for breath. Finally, a giant octopus comes out of no where and devours what is left of you.

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While watching your family being killed/tormented and your inability to do anything about it forever cemented as your last thought on earth.

I think I might take any of the above compared to that.

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JUST A STEP TO THE LEFT….....................

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@deaddolly: It’s actually “Just a jump to the left. And then a step to the right. Put your hands on your hips. You bring your knees in tight. It’s the pelvic thrust that really drives you insane. Let’s do the time warp again. Let’s do the time warp again

Not part of the song
I don’t even get how this would be a way to die…

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@ comedian; I don’t jump anymore…I step…lol

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lol. but how does this make you die?

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have no clue….it was a random act of the answering of a random act of a musical interlude?

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lol. I’m actually listening to it now. And it’s all thanks to Adrienne lol

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Nobody has mentioned this, yet, so I will:

The worst way to die, is TOO SOON!

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ba da cha. lol

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1. Burning
2. Drowning
3. Stabbing

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