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Has anyone tried the Hershey's Kisses---Candy Corn Kiss?

Asked by Starburst (259points) October 6th, 2008

What do you think of them?? I think they are so pretty AND DELISH!!!

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lol. I haven’t. I guess I might.

What a question.

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I hadn’t heard of them until now. Here are two opposite reviews, neither of which makes me want to try them.

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This is the first time I’ve heard of them. Have you tried them, Starburst?

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they are a big hit in our office. I guess not much exciting happens where I work if a new candy is the big news LOL

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They’re pretty good and taste just how you’d expect. Also have got the pumpkin spice kisses which are better.

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Pumpkin spice kisses—now that sounds like something worth trying.

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I loooove candy corn, maybe i’ll try them

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No, I was slightly scared to try them. I did have the caramel apple kisses and those were fabulous

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yes, I love them!!!

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I’ve been afraid to try them…not sure what to expect!

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a girl in my english class had them, and my english teacher tried them, she LOVED it and that is all we talked bout for about 10 minutes, so from what ive heard they are EXTREMLY good

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Aisyna is right. They are extremely good. I wish i had some now. But i dont think they have at al on the Fob here in Iraq.


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Eww. Yuck. just my personal opinion

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I’ve never even seen these candies advertised or on any store shelves. Are they limited edition?

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