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iTunes does not work when I attach my iPhone...

Asked by pogiii (12points) August 12th, 2007

"We could not complete your itunes store request. A secure network connection could not be established. Make Sure SSL 3.0 or TLS 1.0 is enabled in the Internet Options control panel, then try again."

I run XP, everything used to be fine, then now it just shows this if i attach my iphone. I can still sync but i cant see whats inside my iphone or edit whats inside.
My ipod still works fine. This is annoying. Already did everything, installed, reinstalled, reboot, SSL, TLS, etc. Nothing fixes it. Help?

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Internet options and iTunes store should have nothing to do with the iPhone... that's quite peculiar. You uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes? Have you gone to the Apple > Support> Discussions Pages? Run a search first for: iPhone iTunes error and see if others get the same message. If not, try posting there too to increase your chances of getting help.

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Have you only used it on your windows box? I agree with hearkat, weird message and you should check all the places he listed.

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I have the same problem. I don’y know what to do to get this out of the way. pogiii
, did you find some way to solve this meanwhile?
R o n

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I found the solution. I forgot to change the hosts file back to original after a DVD Jon activation.

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I spent 1.5 days on the same problem, just search for your hosts file on your computer. it should be in windows/system32/drivers/etc

and delete the line with on it

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I looked at the hosts file – no entry for, and itunes still doesn’t work

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I have the same problem. Any solution yet?

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I had the same problem. I used the sync option in the date and time setting, to verify that everything was ok. I then went into the control panel and checked my date and time. For whatever reason, it was synced to 2002, instead of 2009. I changed the year and bingo, the problem was resolved. I suggest double-checking to make sure the year is set properly.

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