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My meteor experience this AM...

Asked by gailcalled (54575points) August 12th, 2007

A spectacular sky from 3:30am to 4:30AM - no moon, no haze, brilliant seeing, clear Milky Way. Meteors? I counted 10. However I did get my 1st look at the double star cluster in Perseus - w. binos. Cloudy and rain predicted all tonight and early tomorrow morning.

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What is the question?

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I miss being closer to the North Pole. Warm nights with clear skies full of stars in the summertime! Two of my best vacations were in Montreal and England with the longest days and short nights. I imagine I see the Milky Way from my house some nights but is that possible from the west?

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I was playing Jedi Capture The Flag last night, early this morning, with Twenty, twenty somethings, in a open field and the sky was spectacular. We witnessed shooting stars, with the big show coming tonight.

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My son, a friend of his, and I waited up and saw a handful of meteorites, but no "showers". We only lasted until about 2:30 before we started dozing off

Today is more hot and humid, and they're saying that rain is coming by tomorrow. Either way, I have to work, so I can't try to stay up late anyway. Maybe next time...

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@gooch: question implied for those interested.

@)joli; view across temperate N. America is all the same. (You're in SF? Same as my skies but earlier).Milky Way is clearly visible now. Look south on a moonless, dark night and you will see a wide fuzzy, irregular band stretching up, overhead and then to the north. Impossible to miss. If you know your stars, I can give you stellar markers privately. But it's basically a huge cloudish thing....

@extol - where were you and what time was it?

@hearkat; at least you saw some. I fear that we will all be cheated because of bad weather. I''m setting alarm for 3:00AM.

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I believe these meteors are the Perseids

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East Petaluma nestled beneath the Sonoma Mountains, 45 minutes north of SF, great for star gazing.

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@extol: lucky you. There aren't many places left that aren't flooded w. city lights at night. Keep on looking up. Even where I live, at the back of beyond, I can see the glow of Albany on horizon, altho pine trees block out some of it.

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