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Anyone else having a horrible time with your EYES during this allergy season?

Asked by deaddolly (3416points) October 6th, 2008

I’ve had hayfever since I was 5 years old. I never remember having a worse time with my eyes….watering, itching. It’s horrible. Wondering if air quality is getting worse or what’s going on? Anyone else notice this?

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Oh geez, I have been practiclly incapacitated by it the last month. I see we live on opposite sides of the country, so there goes that explanation!

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This isn’t allergy season for me. For me, it’s spring hayfever. Pollen in the air makes it nearly impossible for me to do simple things like drive, because my eyes are so constantly watering and closing of their own accord…

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@DD sorry to hear that…I am extremely allergy prone and have not noticed any uptick in symptoms.

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I have both allergies and sinus issues. And on top of that I just got contacts. So my eyes= dry and itchy.

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@green sucks! btw, welcome!

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Wow deaddolly you’re, like totally falling apart. I hope you kept the reciept

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i know…wtf? and there’s a no refund policy….

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oooh yeah. my eyes itch SO much!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Lets not even go there…lol

I call them lizard eyes.

I have been incapacitated with allergies and sinus issues for two weeks now…OMG…if this is something that is going to become an issue for me I am moving to antartica.

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