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What are the differences among "anime", "animation" and "cartoon"?

Asked by boxing (1051points) October 6th, 2008
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Anime: Japanese animation, they use different techniques and also, the plot lines are of extreme complexity as well as the quality of the entire production. Most of anime is based on manga, which is, a Japanese version of a comic book.
Animation: General animation, not big deal.
Cartoon: A short animation

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Anime seems from the Japanese. I never quite understood the obcession with it. I can’t stand it.

But then, I prefer the old cartoons. Speedy Gonzales, Magilla Gorilla, The Flintsones, The Jetsons etc.

I admire those that can do animation, it’s a detailed, lengthy process.I’d never have the patience.

The difference in my mind: anime = geeks
animation = artists, classic cartoon movies for families
cartoons = TV
But it’s all bascially the same.

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a continent. Anime is considered animation drawn by Asian cultures. They tend to have more life in there animation and some of it can be risky. It also seems that they have a wider audience. Adults seem to watch it more in than in America.

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Correct Answer: Nothing.

Anime – Simply shorthand for “Anime”. Makes more sense than using “Cartoon” as shorthand for “Animation”.

Technically speaking, the only word that’s “Different” among the three is Cartoon, as a cartoon is supposed to be used to describe single-panel “comics”, a la political cartoons that we’re surely seeing all over the place now.

Cartoonists are people who make Cartoons (again, single-panel, non-animated). ANIMATORS make animation.

Anime is short for “Animation” which does NOT make them two separate genres. That’s like saying “Sci-Fi” is different from “Science Fiction”... and just because it’s from Japan has no bearing on the genre/medium, because what we call “Comedy” here is still called Comedy there, as well as Drama, Horror and so on.

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This isn’t official, by any means, but in my mind “cartoon” implies “for children”, whereas “animation” is more generic. Scooby Doo and the Flintstones are cartoon animations. The Simpsons and Southpark are animation, but not cartoons.

<shrug> Just my 2ยข

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Both anime and cartoons fall under animation as its a blanket term.

Cartoons came first and anime artists in japan copied the americans animation styles(thats why if you watch anime you’ll notice that most of the characters actually look american rather than japanese) Generally when i think of cartoons i think more of a kids show, but thats clearly not always the case.IMO most cartoons on tv now are mindless where as the cartoons of the 90’s were great.(rockos modern life, freakazoid,ahh real monsters,earthworm jim,ect)

On the other side of the world we have anime which generally appeals to the same audiences as mangas(japanes graphic novels/comics) as most animes start off as a manga. Much like here in america where comics will be made into cartoons.
Generally anime is japanese but that doesnt mean america doesnt try their hand at it.(usually failing miserably) There is probably an anime out there for everyone (beings you like cartoons that is)
Some anime as great, some is horrible. Personally i hate when anime gets dubbed, id rather just watch the japanese version with english subs because the voice actors are usually god awful. For instance Bleach and Death Note. Both great animes but when Adult Swim got their hands on them they completely murdered them with the voice acting. Thats not to say all english dubs are bad though. Hellsing, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, and FLCL all have good voice actors.

Anime also tends to show over exaggerate facial expressions alot.

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FLCL? Lies.

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FLCL had pretty good english dubs IMO. This may be because i watched the english version prior to the japanese so i was used to their voices, i dont know. Either way its a great anime, shame its only 6 episodes.

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Great anime? Lies. 6 episodes was more than enough. It hasn’t even inspired any decent hentai parodies… even the great Zone had to have her arm twisted before even thinking about doing one.

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It was awesome. btw ive seen plenty of Haruko hentai. you just dont search hard enough. ;)

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its all in the eyes

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Anime is Japanese cartoons specifically. It’s normally aimed at older age groups 13 and over. Whereas cartoons are western animation. They are normally aimed at children, but as you would know there are some aimed at adults such as Family Guy, American Dad etc.

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In Japan, anime is anything that is animated. In the US, anime is Japanese animation, but now is also Chinese, Korean, etc, which would actually be more anime-ish (animesque) not actually being from Japan, but in that style..

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