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How do I get my 16 month old spayed female cat to accept our 5 month old male cat?

Asked by STORMREIGNS (5points) October 6th, 2008

Initially she would accept him outdoors, but of late she will not even come indoors thru her animal door and rarely stays on the deck if he is nigh.. She hisses at him constantly. SHe comes home to eat and then disappears.. With the cold weather approaching I am thinking I will force her to stay indoors and this is where I need help to keep peace between them.

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Im on my phone right now so I can’t post a link, but if you search kittens or cats you’ll find many threads on this issue. There us a book called Starting From Scratch that I highly recommend. Good luck!

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I’ve always let my animals – and I’ve introduced various sexes to various species – adjust and work things out themselves. She’ll let him know when he’s getting annoying and he’ll learn to respect her. Pretty soon they’ll be curled up together.

Tho, I’ve never had an ‘outside’ cat. I don’t beleive in that…

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Just keep them indoors for a while (if not forever, which is my preference) and they’ll get used to each other. As long as she’s not killing little brother, don’t intervene.

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