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Vista - missing restore points?

Asked by AzWiz (6points) October 6th, 2008

All of a sudden, I am missing all of my past restore points in Vista Premium. I have not turned off/on system restore or used any tweak utility that would have removed them.

Any way to get ‘em back ? other than restore an old backup?

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If they are missing then you probably won’t be able to get them back.

To work system restore needs quite alot of free space sometimes upto 15% of the drive so if your hard disk is full that might explain where the restore points have gone. Bear in mind that Windows doesn’t keep all your restore points anyway.

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The disk is far from being full, so that’s not it, and I have never seen windows delete ALL of the restore points on it’s own, so it has to be some external action like a microsoft auto update or something software related. I regularly make restore points before testing new software or hardware just for that reason and up until yesterday had everything back to and including the SP1 install. In the past I have been able to go into the System Information Volume and do a manual restore for not booting systems.
Good info though for someone else. Thanks

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