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Digital photography classes?

Asked by gmurph (1points) October 6th, 2008

I am thinking about taking some digital photography classes, has anyone taken them or know what I should expect to learn?

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First welcome to fluther.

Second, I have no idea. Your best bet would be to contact the instructor at the school and talk to them. They can give you an idea. Also the on line syllabi will help.

One other thing, this sight is an AMAZING site.

I subscribe to their email newsletter. It has all types of info for all types of levels. It is great. you should check it out.

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Where are you located?
In NY, try ICP
For all other locations, review this directorry

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I teach a high school course and some community ed. I generally cover technical aspects first-resolution, image size and quality, lenses, shooting modes, and how optics and image capture work. Then move on to explain manual and priority-mode settings like shutter speed and aperture. I give tips on camera care, lighting and posing subjects. Then we talk about aesthetics—composition, value, texture, mood, etc.

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I took a digital photo class in college, and what he taught was the functions of each persons camera, the differences between film and digital in camera functions, and we had assignments to go out and take photos using the techniques we learned. Then we had to make a PDF slide show to show to the class. I’m sure each instructor is different, so I’d check with the one your thinking of taking. Be sure you have a manual to your camera too, this will help. Good luck.

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I concur with jenlk, kruger_d, and Bri_L. the course will be up to the instructor. The class I took in college was basic, in fact, so much so that I ended up helping the instructor out half way through the year with lessons and tutoring.
The class was basically an intro the “idea” of photography. If you are looking for help with just your camera or what it is capable of, I would look to local camera shops. I recommend having an actual human there, next to you to help. That is why I rarely reefer people to the internet, unless it is something simple, or a directory to find a tutor in their area, as those above are.

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Any good digital photography course will include the basics of photography, exposure, focus, composition, with an overview of the operation of digital cameras. It will include at least basic photo manipulation using Photoshop or its equivalent, and the basics of printing on several types of stock. The course should build your literacy about photographers and their work, introducing the work of some of the major photographers of the 20th Century. You should have several assignments of varying size and complexity with clearly stated goals such as creating a warped narrative (like a story with a surprise ending) in a sequence of 5 photographs. If an instructor just tells you to “go take some pictures,” that’s a sign of a bad instructor. In a single good course it is not unusual to shoot 1000 images.

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I took a digital photography class and I really enjoyed it.
I learned so many things!
I learned about aperture, f-stops, noise, depth of field, the difference between point and shoot and SLR, Megapixels, RAW format, file management and all the stuff @GeorgeGee mentioned.
In addition. you will meet other people that are interested in digital photography and you can learn about other camera models strengths and weaknesses.

I have found that the creative camaraderie inspired and pushed my own creativity.
Definitely recommend!

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Here is the biggest list of photography courses

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