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Who will win MVP this year (MLB)?

Asked by bybvibe93 (232points) August 12th, 2007 from iPhone

Who will win MVP (AL and NL)?

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I think A-Rod is a lock to win the American League MVP – having just joined the 500 home run club – especially if the Yankees make the playoffs. If the Yankees miss the playoffs, it might be Vlad.

The National League race is wide open. Three Mets (José Reyes, David Wright, and Carlos Beltrán) will be candidates, which makes any one of them winning less likely (despite the fact that I believe one of them would be a Condorcet winner). Prince Fielder is probably going to win.

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ARod in the AL. Price Fielder in the NL

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A-Rod, unfortunately, is the obvious choice for the AL. The NL should be interesting to watch…as mentioned above, it’s wide open.

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As previously said A-Rod in the AL but a dark horse in the AL Miguel Cabrera.

The NL will be the best player on the best team. I think the Cubs will finally break through and A.Soriano takes it.

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