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What motivates a woman to pose nude/naked online, if it is her own choice?

Asked by JackAdams (6497points) October 6th, 2008

There are thousands of websites featuring “amateur” nude/naked women (no, I will not share the URLs with you!), and I’m amazed at how many women appear to be willing to share with the entire world, their unclothed bodies, assuming they KNOW that their photos are online, for everyone to “enjoy.”

If their pictures are being posted by a current S/O (who wishes to “brag” about his good fortune) or by an EX S/O (as some sort of sick “get even” scheme), and are online w/o the woman’s knowledge/consent, then the guys who posted them should be lined up against a garage wall in Chicago, and mowed down with machinegun fire.

If the lady is posing and is co-operating with this (presumably w/o payment), my question is, WHY?

I would imagine that only a woman could definitively answer this Q, but I’m sure many guys have an opinion on this, too, so share away.

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Girls just want attention. Maybe they don’t get it in the real world, but they’re sure they can get it by getting guys’ attention on the internet. Perhaps they’re hoping for comments saying ‘wow yr hott.’

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I have an opinion, although, perhaps like many fluthers, since I would never do that, I don’t know how much it’s worth.

I think that perhaps these people are seeking some kind of self-validation.

Many of these types of websites have features where viewers can “rate” photos or videos. If a viewer wants to look at their body, and if they find it attractive enough to rate highly, the poser (I don’t mean “poser” in the negative way, but the neutral one) feels validated. Someone thinks he/she is worth “5 stars” or the like.

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So are both of you (who posted ahead of this) saying that the women probably have low self-esteem, to the point where they crave compliments about their looks?

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Whats wrong with just making pr0n? Ever think about it like that. Like its not really that big of a deal if you dont make it. I mean maybe this is just from a guy POV but i could really care less if someones watching or not. Plus you also have to think, theres money involved with it. Making money for doing practically nothing is pretty awesome.

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I think that the majority of the women on the so-called “amateur” sites:

1. Don’t know they are on them, and,
2. Aren’t being paid a nickel

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JA, No, I wouldn’t say “that the women probably have low self-esteem, to the point where they crave compliments about their looks”. I used to think that those type of people had low self-esteem, but I don’t think so anymore.

The more I think about it, the more I think that everyone’s self-worth has to be based on something.

Mine, (from my own biased point of view, of course), is based on considering myself to be an intelligent person who contributes positively to society by educating myself, participating in the economy, supporting certain issues I see as bettering the world, volunteering, etc.

Other people’s self-worth, self-esteem is based on different factors, such as being considered desirable and attractive.

In order to verify that they are, indeed, perceived this way, they might choose to post this kind of thing. There’s nothing wrong with that, in my mind.

Another issue that I didn’t bring up before is different sets of priorities. For example, one reason I would never do that is because my career is very important to me, and IMO, that seems like the sort of thing that might not reflect well upon it, later in life.

Other people may not be as interested in that type of career, and so that’s not an issue for them. For example, if you are a server in a restaurant, no one really cares if there are naked pictures of you on the internet. Yeah, you’ll definitely get some ribbing from your co-workers, but you certainly wouldn’t be fired.

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1. to get a career started in film
2. to get a reputation
3. they work for marketing companies—dont assume i dont see that coke bottle in the background
4. to defy their parents
5. they want to see how many orgasms they can count (NSFW)

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Yet another issue I just thought of is Why didn’t you ask about men sharing their bodies online? For every heterosexual sex video, there has to be at least one man, not just women.

Perhaps in this new age of greater equality women are doing it for the same reasons it seems to be okay in your mind for men to do it.

Also, Zack, I LOVE Amelie! Nice link! (You might want to add an NSFW tag though. People seem to find that important).

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We need to take into consideration, the fact that many women whose bodies show up nude/naked on the Internet, either are shown only from the neck down, or with their faces otherwise obliterated or hidden from view of the camera, which guarantees their anonymity.

This is either done at their insistence (to conceal their true identities), or at the insistence of their S/Os, who are looking out for their privacy. So, it is implied that the gal probably has some knowledge about her nude/naked body appearing online, if her face is not recognizable, or not visible at all.

The question, as originally posed, refers only to still photographs of nude/naked females, to narrow the discussion to specific parameters.

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Oh, well if you want to talk about JUST the people who conceal their identities, I think they just do it for the thrill, most often.

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some might like the thrill.

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beat you to it, Bri L! ;-)

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But money isn’t real! Money is debt, damn Z: E really made me think differently!

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argh! :-)

Given the vastness of the web, what is the likelyhood of being seen by someone you know? And if you are, they must be into it.

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As information, I am using both the words nude and naked, because they don’t have identical meanings, and are artistic terms.

The term naked, for instance, refers to the state in which you were born, and means, unadorned.

The word nude means adorned, and this means that if you alter your appearance in any way, from the way you looked when you were born, then you go from naked to nude.

An example: If a woman puts on ONLY a ring, she is nude and no longer naked.

Just wanted to clarify those terms, for those who may not know the difference.

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Maybe some women just love their bodies and want to enjoy/share it before it changes? They might be very proud of what they have and feel the need to make sure everyone knows how hot they are. I don’t think any little girl sits there and thinks “oh I want to pose nakes when I grow up”. But a girl who just really thinks she’s the best thing since sliced bread might think “I want to pose naked before this runs out.” Hell, I don’t know. You couldn’t pay me enough to post my nude or naked body on the web.

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JA men are shown from the neck down because NO ONE want to look at the guys face when they are watching pr0n. NO ONE. women are smexy so we want to look at all of them :P plus sexual acts usually involve their mouth at one point or another ;)

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some for money. $25 one time fee x 300 people / month = $7,500 – taxes. That is some coin.

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it could also be their expectations. the guys at the so called “playboy party colleges” sometimes expect the girls to suck every cock at the college, participate in wet t-shirt contests and even pose for the camera. maybe they expect this to happen, and feel like its their role in college and its where they fit in. maybe that’s how they get guys to buy them stuff or drinks or let the football players take them out so they can brag about how they dated a college football player for 15 minutes.

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I think it’s plain old exhibitionism.

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One of the things that partially prompted this question (and my comments in the details section) was due to the case of actress Linda Evans, who had some terrifically beautiful nude photos shot of her, by her then-husband, John Derek.

Unfortunately, he betrayed the trust she had placed in him, and had the photos published without her consent.

She wasn’t really all that angry about the fact that the entire world could see how pretty she was (because all of the comments about them were nothing but praise), but she was hurt that someone she once believed in, could dishonor her like that.

I’m glad he’s dead, considering how much he hurt her.

It’s despicable, when a man does that to a woman. No woman deserves to be treated so horribly.

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It is a big world. Go to France and visit a nude beach. We even have them here. A lot of people don’t mind showing off the goods. I have gone skinny dipping with close friends and co-workers. I’m naked, it isn’t a big deal.

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I have posted two of my pictures on-line. I did not included my face. I allowed an old friend to take several tastefully explicit photos. I liked two of them very much and so did my partner Jenn so I decided to post them to see what kind of comments a (then) 47 year old woman would get. I was quite pleased with the comments. I have never felt the need to do it again. I will also say that the posting gave me a very pleasant feeling in the pit of my stomach.

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I went skinny dipping in high school. We all 4 girls 2 guys. We all agreed to not look at each other and didn’t. It was still a total rush.

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attention and excitement

I know a female dominatrix that sells her used tampons to her ‘cleints’...also her toe nail clippings…

Supply meets demand, eh?

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Low to no self-esteem. Period.

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@chicadelplaya: More wrong you could not be.

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Care explain WHY?

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I think it has more to do with a big ego than low self-esteem.
These women think they’re hot, even if they’re not.

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“Hot” is subjective, is it not?

But I was hoping that Sueanne_Tremendous would explain her most recent post.

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I can only cite myself as an example: I did it (as mentioned above) and I, in no way, have low self-esteem. Period. As for ego, hmm, maybe guilty on that front. Although I did think my pictures were inticing, sexy and explicit, I at no time thought they made me look “hot”. Sexy in an artsy way, possibly. I was and am proud of how I was photographed. I give more credit to the photog then I do the subject, but the subject wasn’t half bad!

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And I shall forever wonder what I missed seeing…

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Thank you for sharing your insite ST

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God of Adonis if you ask me

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It is sort of like when I was in high school. There were always girls who could not get the attention that they felt that they deserved.
Most of them got over it or found a constructive way to make themselves interesting.
But some played their proverbial “Ace of Trump” , (trying to keep it decent here an Fluther) and sure enough they got attention.
I bet it is the same thing.

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Some women like to post pictures like that I guess. Others probably do not know about it.

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I like the attention, and it feels really good to know that you turn guys on. My husband is a photographer so we have many pics, some of which are seductive and some are nude. He says it is a celebration of my beauty, and doesn’t mind sharing.

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We all have different perceptions of what’s right or wrong. Besides what societal laws dictate, this is determined by an individual’s value system and worldview. Another reason might be that the majority of society tends to categorize anything of a pornographic nature to be negative, mostly because of conservative or traditional beliefs, or how the media may or may not portray such things.

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I started taking nude pictures of my girlfriend (now wife) using a polaroid. Then she let me take some that had to be developed. Eventually we went to digital and when I told her mt friend saw some she was upset for about 10 minutes and got over it…pretty quickly in my opinion. When she found out I posted many of them online, she got upset for a few days and again got over it pretty routinely. I can only imagine that her protests we the response she felt obligated to show, but that she really doesn’t mind being seen. After all, she has posed for thousands of pictures and vids over the 20 years we have been together. She is too smart to think they are only for my eyes.

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“I can only imagine that her protests were the response she felt obligated to show, but that she really doesn’t mind being seen.”
FUNNY, since you got busted for posting Denise online we haven’t seen one NEW photo of her, not to mention she made you take ALL her pix down from everywhere you could LMAO!

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