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Does anyone mind being added to a fluther?

Asked by SoapChef (2978points) October 7th, 2008

I am new at this and am not sure I understand when it is OK to add someone to my fluther. There is a bunch of you flutherites I find fascinating and would like to include you, but I am not sure if I need to formally ask first or what? Please advise.

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ADD AWAY!!! ^_^

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no one minds!! we like it! :)

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It’s always a little ego boost : )

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Don’t delay, add away!

we likes it, it’s a small ego boost. like a cup of coffee in the morning, only better.

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Add, add, add!

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I don’t really even know what that feature does (but I can guess). However, does it do anything at all on an iPhone (my preferred Fluther client) ?

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I’m very flattered when it happens.

It’s like winning an Emmy┬« for some of my Questions and Answers.

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Unless you know that person is adding you because it’ll piss you off… right before they begin harrassing you via PMs. :)

[whistles and walks away]

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I feel it is a compliment.

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I’m always complimented and usually as soon as I notice, I add the person to my fluther as well. I always worry on very active days where I’m getting all sorts of lurve and it’s only showing me the last 5 activities if someone might have added me and I missed it because I don’t want to have someone wonder why I didn’t add them back. I kind of wish in your activity it would say “so and so added you to their fluther”, then I’d know I hadn’t missed anyone.

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@dale: All you have to do is click “See All Your Lurve” and you can go back and check with relative ease.

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poof…I know, just don’t always think to do it.

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i feel it’s a compliment and when i do it to someone, it’s a compliment to them.

i don’t think you have to ask someone first.

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I think it is a compliment as well!

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I used to tell people not to add me. I think it was a defense against disappointment. I was so sure that no one would want to add me; and convinced I didn’t deserve to be in anyone’s fluther, that I thought preemptive action would make me feel less bad about not being very desirable. Besides which, it was a wierd kind of reverse psychology thing. If anyone did add me, I could feel like they really meant it.

If it isn’t obvious, this all happens because of low self-esteem brought on by depression.

Right now, I’m ok about myself. So add away! It might not last very long!

Attention Shoppers! Attention Shoppers!
There’s a blue light special on daloons over in aisle 13!

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I’m glad you asked this question. I went back and looked and there were probably 20 people who’d added me who I didn’t add…took a while to get through 39 pages of lurve, but it was worth it not to slight anyone.

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In the minority, I know, but I feel neutral about that feature. I have no one; I check the daily questions and see what, if anything, interests me. It does help if one uses the Leader to include accurate info. There is only so much time I want to spend here (and it usually doubles by bedtime).

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Not ashamed to admit that you’re in mine, Gail. I add everyone I’ve found interesting and lucid, even if I don’t necessarily agree with ‘em all.

I know I’ll always find a quality topic in my fluther, if not in the dailies.

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By the way, I don’t think you need to add everyone who adds you. I’m never insulted if I don’t get “added” in return. I think you should only add who you want to add.

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Well Augustian, you were one of my first picks!

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I know it’s not a requirement, but if someone thinks enough of me to add me, that’s a person I’d want to keep the association with.

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@SoapChef: Thanks, and I did add you, in return :)

@Dale: In your case, I think that makes a lot of sense. The people who add you like me! not only have to understand what you’ve said in the first place, but respect it, too.

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I don’t mind if anyone adds me to their Fluther at all. I don’t really add people to mine unless they add me first.

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