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What is the average cost of tinting two windows on a SUV?

Asked by babyscorpio718 (29points) October 7th, 2008 from iPhone

I drive a nissan murano and I would like to tint the driver and front passenger windows on my car. I live in NYC and I did research on google but there aren’t any price estimates shown.

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In most places it is illegal to tint the front windows. I’ll look into New York.

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i have a civic and i just paid $300 to tint the rear window and the four. i didn’t tint the windshield. i live an hour from you. i agree with lefteh, i think it’s illegal to tint the windsield.

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It looks like in New York, you can tint the front side windows very slightly. 70% of light has to be let in. So there’s the answer to the question you didn’t ask. Crap….

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Here in Texas, you can have the front windows tinted up to 25 % VLT. For just the front windows, I’ve been quoted ~$99 for my truck

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