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All women here.. I know it's like something personal but I'd like to know, have you ever had an orgasm? When your partner penetrates you, gives you oral sex, or you just don't know what it feels?

Asked by 2late2be (2292points) October 7th, 2008 from iPhone

I’m interested in knowing because I’ve heard that many women have trouble having an orgasm, and many men feel frustrated about it, I hope I don’t make you feel uncomfortable with my question…

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Yes I’ve had an orgasm, all kinds of ways. It’s definitely harder for me to have one with oral sex. I just can’t enjoy it.

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Okay, in order:


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the “you just don’t know what it feels” stands for “I don’t know what it feels to have an orgasm” or “I’ve never had an orgasm” niki ;)

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@2late2be; It is an unmistakeable feeling of overwhelming pleasure; after the right kind of stimulation, there is a feeling of inevitabilty, and lasts for well under a minute, except for the aftershocks.

If you are not sure, try a vibrator and or masturbating (alone.) What happens will be clear. (And don’t apologize for the question, which is an important one.)

Here is a legitimate article in NYT; Female Orgasm

Excerpt: “Dr. Lloyd continued…

Central to her thesis is the fact that women do not routinely have orgasms during sexual intercourse.

She analyzed 32 studies, conducted over 74 years, of the frequency of female orgasm during intercourse.

When intercourse was “unassisted,” that is not accompanied by stimulation of the clitoris, just a quarter of the women studied experienced orgasms often or very often during intercourse, she found.

Five to 10 percent never had orgasms. Yet many of the women became pregnant.”

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I have them frequently, through oral stimulation, manual manipulation (mine alone, or a with partner), with vibrators and occasionally by only penetration with a dildo. Practice make perfect 2B. Don’t be shy nor embarrassed. Go to Walgreens and get a massager and practice masturbating. Relax. Enjoy. Read a naughty novel while you are at it. It will happen. And when it does you won’t want to leave the privacy of your room for a few days.

Good luck.

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Well, it is not that i have never felt one, it feels really good, just wanted to know how many women have felt it and how many haven’t… Thanks!

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Here is a really good book and website…

You can also go to Amazon to buy the book and fun play toys.

(Not that I know personally… LOL!)

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I’ve had many, many orgasms. Clitorally, being the best and quickest way. I never had a vaginal orgasm while I was with a man, but my wife has been able to help me achieve them with several fingers.

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No, I’ve never had one. I had a piano once, and a guitar.. oh, wait… ah, now I get it.

Yes. Many.

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Is this thread making anyone else horny?

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@celeste: Indeed.

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oh my
i think i stepped into the wrong room, pardon me ladies.

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@Sueanne how did I know you’d hop right on that one? no pun intended

@Fireside oh please, do join us.

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@ celeste: Like minds think alike!

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