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What do you think of the information in the website

Asked by seVen (3472points) October 7th, 2008

Ok this is to Christians out there, no need to respond if you don’t follow the Christian faith.

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It’s religious propaganda.

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why you think that Eambos, what don’t you agree about that’s on there specifically and why?

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agree=don’t agree* sorry

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I am a Christian. I believe it is fine for the right people. I myself don’t find it enticing as I am not open to the bible in the way it is looked at on that site.

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There’s always room to nitpick, but I think it looks like good stuff for the most part.

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@jasongarrett – I agree. I think if you are open to accepting to that use and view of the bible it is a really great site.

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I think the views it express are accurate for the religion, and it is good for a Christian to use the page to help them understand their faith better.

On the other hand, I would not try and convert people by telling them to read it.

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My opinion does not matter because I’m no longer Christian?

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@asmonet, nope, us apostates and heathens are going straight to Hell, and burning souls have nothing to say except “AAAAIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEE! that’s hot!”

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lol, gotcha.

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