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What kind of cable do I need to conect my MacBook to my tv?

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) October 7th, 2008 from iPhone

I will have to watch the biggest loser online today, so, what do I need to hook it to my tv?

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Get started with this:

Then get the matching connector cable to hook that up to the available S-Video or Composite video-in port on your tv.

[ S-Video is better quality. ]

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I bought

and an S-video cable. I bought it because I thought I could use my TV as a big monitor but the quality is awful (compared to what I wanted). It’s great for watching dvds and videos though because those actually show up really well

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Oh yah, if you actually want the audio from your show, you’ll need a third piece: mini-headphone to RCA jack audio cable.

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2 ways…
mini-dvi to dvi adapter, then a dvi to hdmi adapter.
or for analogue signals:
mini-div to video.

This won’t give you sound, so you’ll need a mini-jack to whatever is the input on your tv aswell.

You can get most of this stuff at your local Apple Premium Reseller

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Keep an eye on displayport. This is a new digital interface that is likely to be adopted by computer monitors first in the following couple years but is likely to be a standard across both computer monitors and high def televsions within the next 5 years.

For now follow robmandu’s advice. Typically S-Video is better than composite although they both have the same bandwidth. S-Video will typically give you better lines. If you are transferring your video to a larger screen I would go with S-Vid but if you are transferring onto a smaller screen composite is likely cheaper and you probably won’t see a difference.

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