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Is it illegal for a 17 year old girl to date a 14 year old boy?

Asked by jade (4points) October 7th, 2008

a lot of people are telling me its wrong. but i really care about this guy.what should i do?

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Only if you have sex.

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yeah thats what people are saying but if we dont then its not illegal?

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You can date whoever you want. Why you would possibly want to date a 14 yr old is beyond me, but hey, whatever rocks your boat.

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I am 17 years old, and have been dating a 19 year old for 2 years now. We haven’t been arrested yet.

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Only if you have sex and go boasting about it to a police officer.

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My understanding is that this really only applies (or maybe is only enforced) when one person is a minor and the other is not – as in, 14 and 17 is ok, but next year when you’re 15 and 18, it’s not. This depends on sex laws in your state, of course – some places may have a minimum age, or make exceptions for this statutory rape rule (above) if the age difference is less than a few years, etc (so that a 17 and 18 year old couple wouldn’t get in trouble). Check for your area!

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Yes, check for your state, and then if you have to wait to get in his pants, wait.

Wait anyway, maybe. I bet he’s a sweetie, but he’s a kid, too. And actually, you’re not very old either. There’s a LOT of time. It might be fun to mean it when you use the word “date”,
and save the Other Thing for later.

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If I were the mother of the 14-yr-old boy, I would have some concerns about him dating a 17-yr-old. Ninth grade and eleventh or or twelfth grade?

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that’s a little awkward…..

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both are under age so is not

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@flameboi Actually, I’m pretty sure 17 is the age of consent in most places.

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Mmmm, I thought it was 18, thank you anaphase :)

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Ages of Consent

It’s seventeen in Texas, where I live.

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