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What does nitrous oxide feel like?

Asked by k2times (40points) August 13th, 2007 from iPhone

I'm going to get some significant dental work done and my dentist recommended nitrous to make the process easier. I've never had it though, and want to know what it feels like to go under....

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it just relaxes you until you go to sleep its great!

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You don't exactl'y go under, but somehow, you don't feel the pain. Just say "yes." No novocaine, no mumbling or drooling for hours afterwards either.

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novocaine shots hurt too gas is painless

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Gas makes you feel so peaceful and relaxed the dentist could do whatever he wanted and you would not care. It is a great thing if you have any anxiety about the procedure.

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Just make sure you know and trust yr dentist. :-) mzgator is right.

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