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Does anybody midnight snack any more?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7810points) October 7th, 2008

a piece of cold fried chicken, a bowlful of chili, a leftover omelet, a cookie and warm milk, an old burrito. if you get up in the middle of the night, do you eat and what is it that you crave? cheese pizza with onions? who knows?

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The midnight snack is a lost art!
Usually improvised from contents of fridge, leftovers, etc.

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@nimis: I KNOW! whatever happened to it?

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I think now that the whole “don’t eat after 7” rule is seen on every nutrition/diet book, blog, or plan late night snacking has decreased.

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The last time I ate in the middle of the night….was when I was pregnant. WOW! That middle of the night low blood sugar/hunger was powerful.

The cure? A tall glass of OJ…or a nice warm bowl of maple and brown sugar flavored oatmeal.

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uuhhh….who doesn’t?!

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OJ satisfies in the middle of the night fer sure. back to sleep in minutes! gone are the days of cold fried chicken AT NITE.

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hey comedian! i’ve had a cold piece of pizza in my time, just not lately…

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Frozen Oreos = Crack

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@Elumas really? For some reason that sounds really good.

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@charlie: I used to love cold pizza. Now I just like it hot.

@Elumas: Dude. we are on the same page

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It is 12:30ish here, and I’m getting ready to eat a Mr. Goodbar. Yum.

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Mmmm…and the midnight drink!
Socks shuffling on the kitchen floor.
And something about how quiet the house is
makes the clink of ice in glass that much greater.

Loves it.

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Well the first thing the dietitian told me as a diabetic that I HAVE TO! eat a bedtime snack. That is what keeps your blood sugar from fluctuating and causing your body to gain weight. If your blood sugar is at a steady number your body is less likely to think your starving and not create fat the next time you eat. So I always eat a midnight snack so to speak.

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A girl at the office said her celeb trainner told her “No carb after 2pm!” < I answered: I will die by 6!!

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Yep, still do. probably always will. I can also drink a can of diet pepsi and go right back to sleep.

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MIDNIGHT SNACK? hell yea!! ill have a 2am snack lol. Doesnt matter what it is, if its in the fridge and im hungry, its gone. :P what do i crave late at night? Ice cream. Lately ive been hooked on Ben and Jerrys Pumpkin Cheesecake YUMMMMMMMMMMM.

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along with some other changes, I quit doing this and have dropped 25 pounds since March ‘08. Aint going back.

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Since my daughter left for college, I rarely grocery shop.

My last midnight raid consisted of me sticking a wet finger in raw jello—just for a little something sweet. how freaking sad is that?

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I miss the midnight snack I do it as often as possable but it still feels distant

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I rarely miss out on the midnight snack attack, and probably a 2am snack after that. midnight snack is back ladies and gentlemen, bring it back!!

@uberbatman I have been pounding down ben and jerrys “everything but the” and “new yourk super fudge chunk” about a pint a day for a minute now!

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Not with my acid reflux. :(

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My brother sets his alarm so he doesn’t miss it!

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Since week 20 or so of my pregnancy, I re-discovered midnight stacking. I’m now in my third trimester. There’s the midnight full meal and the 3AM snack. If I’m awake, I’m hungry.

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I am always sound asleep at midnight!


Sometimes my family and I would make a little meal in the middle of the night (2 am to 4 am.) and have fun eating together. It’s not like the main course we had at 7 pm., but a little fare like scrambled egg sandwiches or a bowl of Ramen noodles. My children are only 7 and 5, so they think eating in the middle of the night while they should be in bed asleep is exciting and fun. We only do this on weekends, and during the summer when the kids are out of school.

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my midnight weakness is chex mix, original or cheddar, and peanuts :) I like savory snacks the best. Being type 1 diabetic is a great excuse to snack and snack often, haha.

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