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What's the coolest/cleverest/funniest band name that you have heard of or can imagine?

Asked by kevbo (25667points) August 13th, 2007 from iPhone

I've always thought that Ambient Yeast would be a good band name.

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I always liked the sound of the girl group The Cunning Stunts.

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Or, Gidget Eyes.

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Harry And The Potters
The Mustache Man

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%u2022Funeral Food
%u2022Cattle Drive

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Had a friend in high school who wanted to start a band called "Fur Rug and the Lost Contacts." Funny.

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Tranny Magnet

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Cartoon Moon
Enemies of Sheep
Cruel Mistress
County Bailiff

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Incidental Meat Patrol

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The Bollock Bashing Bunnies were a high school band i knew.

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The Gastrointestinal Specialists rocked my high school talent shows.

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The 404’s

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Chemical Castration

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Butthole Surfers

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