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Is it just me, or is McCain avoiding directly answering the question and bashing Obama?

Asked by jcs007 (1770points) October 7th, 2008

Presidential debate. And the line graph on CNN is interesting, might I add.

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I am watching and I have Factcheck up. And McCaine is LITERALLY going down the list of debunked items he has tried for months and spewing them out again.
He just said “im going to answer the quesiton” didn’t and then attacked obama again.
That is all he is doing. He is really coming off as a loser.
He just got burned on Energy!

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OK Bri…No fair cutting and pasting the answer in this thread from one you posted in another….

(or is it vice versa?)

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nope your right.

I was trying to steer all the debate talk to one thread

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Nader ‘08

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@Magnus A vote for Nader puts McCain one vote closer to the White House.

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If diebold wants mccain to win, mccain will win. A vote for Nader means that you see the BS going on.

I second that Magnus

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It wasn’t a debate. A debate is where you listen to your opponent and respond. McCain
spewed inaccuracies he’d already spewed over and over and over. After
Obama corrected him, he would wait for the next question and repeat them.

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Not answering the question is what McCain does best. When in doubt, answer the question you wish they had asked, and if that doesn’t work, tell a story.

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The whole possible idea of McCain and Palin being elected into office scares the crap out of me! Obama is CLEARLY the most qualified man. And Palin?! OMG have you seen her in those patent black go-go boots!? Absolutely pathetic!! SO embarrassing!! Not to mention her winking at the camera and whatever else comes out of her mouth. Please forgive my harshness, but I’m a bit fired up right now!!!

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@ susanc – I confirmed 10 on factfinder with out re-listening to the debate.

As far as third party Nader votes. They need to do their work before the last minute in my mind. They wonder why their party doesn’t build steam when they play the spoiler.

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It seemed to me he not only avoided the Obama bashing but also skirted the issue of giving tax breaks to corporations (oil especially) and high paid CEO’s. I’m so sick of politicians with their slick ability to hide the real facts.

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@ Harp – Lurve

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Harp, thats hilarious!

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@harp: awesome. =)

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I hear what ur saying about Nader l, but if MSM isnt ramming it down people’s throats, people have no idea who he even is.

I don’t mean your average flutherer, because they pay attention to what’s going on, I mean your average American who has no clue what’s going on unless its on TV.

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Sorry I followed what you said except for MSM, I don’t know what that means.

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mainstream media.

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OH ok. thanks

I hear you chris6137

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