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Does anyone like the new knight rider?

Asked by MikeL (16points) October 7th, 2008

talking about the new knight rider

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OMG! No! It’s the worst thing ever.

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oh wow i think it is ok but it needs david hasolhoff i got all original episodes on dvd thank goodness does take some getting use to i want trans am kitt back

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It’s a nice car, but no trans am. The new series is tacky itself.

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It requires an awfully high level of suspension of disbelief.

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There is no way anyone likes shit.

A MUSTANG?! Are you serious? No Mr. Feeny?? Damn….

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I couldn’t stomach the first one, so I’m not about to watch this incarnation of it!

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and kitt transforms in to a truck gimme a break i want real kit n hoff n real voice back the girl hot though that about it knight rider is a true classic wish it would of lasted longer i did hear hoff n real kitt soppose make a appearance soon.

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hoff schould be making an appearance soon on there i hope it be off for month n november more scripts being written soo excited

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they dropped 3 charactors hoff be on next season

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