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How long will it be before McCain is using a walker?

Asked by judochop (16104points) October 7th, 2008 from iPhone

take a guess. He looks like
He’s having a hard time standing up. Does his age bother you?

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in about twenty minutes.

And yes, it does bother me, especially when a fucking moron like palin is his vice president

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his age bothers me too enjoi. His age and his vice president.

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I’m confused, are we being sarcastic again?

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did McCain mean talk softly and walk with a big walker?

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the man is literally shuffling around the room! How is he supposed to strike fear in the hearts of our enemies?? Squirt some Ensure at them??

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remember the movie with jamie lee curtis when she switched lives with her teenage daughter? cant remember the movie, but sarah palin reminds me a lot of a mother who has switched characters of teenaged girls. the head tilt. the wink. the “ha ha ha” of women playing bridge and gossiping in the church basement. all that. sorry, i know this has nothing to do with the debate or question. back to thread…

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you’d think they would put a little rouge and chapstick on the man, jeez.

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Charlie. It would be funny if Palin and McCain switched places like that movie. Hahaha.

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Freaky Friday. Ew. The original wasn’t good, and the remake was even worse.

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he walks like an old Asian man. the way he kind of shuffles into the spot where he wants to end up standing.
no offense

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I’m not really sure I find the humor in this question??

The reason McCain has issues with his arms and legs initiated far before he fought melanoma. He was a Navy fighter pilot captured by the Vietnamese when his plane went down in 1967. He broke both arms and severely injured his right knee. The injuries were never properly cared for and worsened by torture during his more than five-year imprisonment. As a result of this he has a slight limp and cannot raise his arms above his head and has arthritis.

He can’t walk very well because he was busy keeping your ass safe over here in America. It’s absolute bullsh!t to make fun of anybody who has issues because he was busy fighting for our armed forces. Educate yourself and don’t ask stupid questions.

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I think I know who critter is voting for. FYI-I have a purple heart of my own critter you need to loosen up. He is a very old

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Not sure that gives you the right? I have a black friend, maybe I’ll make fun of Obama for being black? The logic is obsurd.

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@critter: While I’m not sure I agree with making fun of a veteran’s physical stature, I would like to say that your analogy is flawed. If Judo is a veteran (yeah?), then it is more like a black man making fun of black people, which is the same as a white person making fun of white people.

But Senator McCain’s age is absolutely an important aspect of his candidacy. If the man dies in office we are stuck with Alaska Barbie. And physical ability (walking, standing) is an aspect of age, and health.

But FDR was in a wheelchair, and he was one of America’s greatest presidents. Then again, he did die in office, and he was much younger than Senator McCain….

Btw, anybody else think it was hilarious that McCain compared Obama to Hoover? Unless I missed something, Hoover was the Republican that failed to rescue the US from the Great Depression because he didn’t regulate enough.

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Roosevelt was in a wheelchair. He was a great Democratic President. What does any physical handicap have to do with a person being President.

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“Alaska Barbie”—lmao

Best thing I heard all day.

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Unless we’re talking about his mental faculties diminishing his ability to lead, I think these jabs are about as tasteless as off color remarks about Obama and his trustworthiness.

Judging a candidate on his ideologies is one thing; ageism is another. As much fun as it may seem to poke at his condition, remember that our elderly command and deserve respect.

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This is the 21st century, you know. I think he has a date with a Rascal in his near future.
Of course his name is McCain(Mc“Cane”).

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I heard that somewhere in Alaska if you’re a Maverick you get to live forever….
Regardless of what he has done and who he is I am most concerned with his health and his leaving us with Palin. I was trying to find a fun way to approach this but once again some of you are so high on yourself and being so P.C. that why do I even bother? He is OLD and his health does not appear to me to want to hold out for 4 years. Yes it also bothers me that he can’t walk right and that he shuffles…Shit, some republicans won’t even talk to certain people because of their haircuts. I think I can make fun of a guy who should have thought differently about joining the presidential race.
And might I just add this misconception that some of you have: Just because you get hurt in war or captured in war, this does not make you a flipping hero. It just means you were doing the job you SIGNED up to do. I don’t know why people honor the ones that got caught more than the ones that made it back in one piece. Every man and women that enlists is a hero.

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You read my mind, @judo, you read my mind.

I think what’s even more interesting is that he doesn’t seem to be able to walk and talk at the same time. He always pauses his speech when he’s about to get moving.

And yes, it’s the possibility of Palin having any more power than a librarian that makes me terrified.

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Crit: Humour merely masks the horror of the very real possibility
that should he become president he will keel over and Palin will step up to office.
We all deal with this spectacle in different ways, no?

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cprevite – the far left has been calling her not “Alaska Barbie”, but what I think is MUCH funnier….“Caribou Barbie”.

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<<<Removed my own comment as it would likely start a b!tching war.

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First the pampers, one step at a time , please.

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Does his age bother me? Not nearly as much as his opponent’s policies.

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