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Since when is Israel our ally?

Asked by SquirrelEStuff (9224points) October 7th, 2008 from iPhone

Are we supposed to blindly support them because we are a “Christian” nation?

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Israel has been our ally since its creation. Do you have a problem with Israel, Chris?

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And since when is the U.S. a “Christian” nation? Last I check there was no official religion here.

I feel that this question is biased.

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I think he is asking under what political/religious circumstances Israel became our ally. And if he does have a “problem” with Israel, what is wrong with that? Side note: our nation was built on Christianity, that is a fact, not an opinion. Check your US history books.

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I don’t think its a Christian nation. And before I get attacked for being anti-semitic, my girlfriend of 7 years is Jewish.

Can you just answer the question???

Is there an official alliance? I am under the impression that we tried to sign something with them but they declined because they didn’t want to follow our rules.

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Actually, I am curious too. I just don’t know much about the Israel situation. And don’t mean to offend anyone either, just want to know when this happened and under what reasons.

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We have been allies with Israel since its inception. We were, in fact, the first country to recognize Israel as a sovereign nation. Our political doctrines are on par with Israel’s, and so they are widely considered to be our strongest ally in the region.

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I’m gonna go with 1947.

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@Supergirl: respectfully, I have to disagree with you on your assertion that the U.S. Was founded by Christians or is based in Christianity. Thomas Jefferson and our other forefathers were admittedly Deists, who specifically wrote our founding documents (the Declaration of Independence, our Constitution), specifically identifying our country’s ideologies (i.e. Nature’s Freedom) on those principles. Our forefathers specifically left out any reference to a triune God in the language of our founding documents.

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@Chris. All through the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s, Israel was the only democracy in the Middle East, and a bulwark against the Soviet Union in the region. In fact, the Soviets actively supplied the Syrians, Jordanians and Egyptians with weapons and intelligence, while the US supplied the Israelis. Multiple wars (56, 67, 73) were fought with American vs Soviet equipment. The region was essentially the front line of the Cold War (in fact, the Soviets may have actively precipitated the war in 67 by suggesting to the Syrians that war was imminent). Israel provided much needed intelligence and material support to the US throughout that period (and vise versa). Likewise, during the first Gulf War, Israel sat idly by (at the “request” of the US) while Saddam shot Scuds into Israel to try to provoke a response. So, even though there are many anti-Semites who try to promote a conspiracy of Israeli control over US interests, the truth is closer to the fact that Israel (in general) follows American “suggestions” (the main difference being Israel’s behavior in the West Bank and Gaza).

What an interesting time to be bringing this up, on the eve of Yom Kippur (the date of the most violent Arab attack on Israel). Shana Tova.

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1947. We needed er, need a place in the middle east that we can call home.

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Although this country has no official religion, it still is a Christian nation. Many of the fundamentals we have are based on Christian law and there are law makers who use their Christian background to influence their agenda.

Look on at form of currency and you’ll see “In God We Trust.” Separation of Church and State is still violated today.

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Hey Unit!!!!!!
I’m not a Christian, AND I TRUST IN GOD!!

Christianity does not equal God.

I love that you said “Separation of Church and State is still violated today.”

You know what else is violated? Laws against murder, robbery, theft, assult, driving while intoxicated, that doesn’t make any of those things part of any “official doctrine”.

You said “there are law makers who use their Christian background to influence their agenda.” There are law makers from ALASKA and FLORIDA and CALIFORNIA who use their alaskan, floridian, californian backgrounds to influence their decisions as well. Jewish backgrounds influence our lawmakers’ decisions, Muslim backgrounds, agnostic backgrounds.

It’s just simply not a “christian” nation, officially or unofficially. That is a myth.

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The United States is NOT a “christian nation”, and “In God We Trust” is an absolute violation of our constitution. There are millions of atheists in the country that are reminded daily by our currency, our pledge of allegiance, and our national anthem, that we are hated by a great number of our fellow countrymen.

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Hated? I’d say that is a pretty general overstatement.
Before I found Fluther, I never even thought about Atheists.
Also, “God” is not an endorsement of any specific “Church”

I’d say that your belief in atheism grew despite those things and nobody is locking you up for your beliefs. There are countries in the world where little would be done if your neighbors murdered you and took your possessions because you did not adhere to the state religion.

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General overstatement.

Of course the majority of Americans don’t want to spear me with a pitchfork, but some do. Yes, in modern America there are few heretics burned at the stake, but there are still some hate crimes, and a lot of resentment.

Which is, you know, what Jesus was all about.

I’m not trying to start some big argument, and I’m not accusing anybody here of intolerance, but it is out there. And those four little words are a haunting reminder of it.

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In God We Trust. Great words to live by. All those people who created those songs, coins bills, etc. put forth alot of thought. What would you write In nothing do we trust??? Israel has THE most holy land, and Palestine. They’re also in a strategic location for us. Nothing is for nothing except your faith in God..

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Incidently, English should not have to be voted as our “official” language. When in Rome——

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But first, a word from our hostage.

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Forever….being Christian has nothing to do with it. We have mutual interests

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@La_chica_gomela The US has no state established religion. However, if you will read our Declaration of Independence and the Constitutions of all 50 states, you will see that our national government and all 50 state governments are established with clear and explicit recognition and reliance upon the God of the Bible. Sorry if this offends. If it does, go live someplace else.

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Yikes, @chris6137—remind me not to invite you to my synagogue!

“Christian” nation? I suspect there’s a pretty fair number of people practiving every other religion on earth here who would take issue.

As for your specific question, I believe we have allied ourselves with Israel because we identify with their goals—to be a free nation living in peace and security. Sounds like why we established this country, doesn’t it? Not sure we should or do support all of Israel’s methods, but I totally get why we support its cause.

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