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Netbook thoughts?

Asked by nathanbana (8points) October 8th, 2008

There are so many now, which is the best? Dell Mini? eePC? Acer? HP?

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Definatly not the Acer, never get an Acer….. Ever!
I quite like the Eee PC its small, it was the origonal and theres a full tutorial to put OS X on it including webcam and wireless support!
After the Eee PC i would go with the HP just becasue they are a higly reliable brand that also has some style and its not that expensive.
I just don’t really like Dells so i have no poinion on them.

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I bought a first gen EeePC 701 and I still love it. The best thing about the eee is the community is massive. If you want to do something crazy, if something goes wrong, or if you want to install a different OS then the eee is the way to go, there is always information ( EeeUser ). The new dell is getting some good reviews as well and i agree with joey about the HP, but for me I will be EeePC for life when it comes to netbooks.

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the thing all netbooks have in common for me…the sheer lack of usability, i used the 701, and it was definetly not my cup of tea, why ? the interface is just too small, not just on screen, but with a trackpad as big as my finger, and small keys (i have small hands, and still have trouble) it’s just not doing it

and ofcourse, for me, the lack of power, i have a 15” MBP, so i just can’t get around working on a low end machine, yeah i know it’s decadent,but i can’t really

the dells looked pretty ok, the VooDoo’s where pretty expensive, but also pretty awesome, and well, there’s always the asus if you really want it

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CNET UK did a good run down of the top 10 here:,39029450,49297248,00.htm

I have to say the Dell Mini, the new Asus EEE 1000H and the MSI Wind are the best of them. But it depends on whether you want performance or compactness really.

I’d say avoid C7 processor based ones as they are SLOOOOW. The latest ones use Intel Atom processors which offer much better performance – most are 1.6ghz and don’t kill the battery.

Also note the ram – this makes a big difference but you may be able to buy ram cheaper from places like and upgrade the ram yourself instead of paying for a model with more ram.

Will be buying one for the wife next month and think i’m going to go for the Asus EEE 1000H as the Dell one looks a little more crampt. I will try to test them all out first if I can as they usually come into the office for review. I recommend going into store and trying the Asus and MSI models, unfortunately the Dell one is not in stores to compare.

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I have a new Acer aspire one with windows7 starter and love it,Mrs squeeky has an Asus eeepc701 with linux and just loves it,personally I think the Asus is built a bit stringer than the Acer but we have never had any trouble with either netbook.My opinion only.

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