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Do you believe that other Earth-like planets exist in our time and space, but in another dimension that we cannot yet access?

Asked by JackAdams (6497points) October 8th, 2008

The TV series SLIDERS postulated the scientific theory/speculation that there may be thousands of “other Earths” physically/geographically/topographically identical to our own, but existing in another dimensional plane, and that a device might be created to allow a person or group of people to intentionally travel among these various Earth-like worlds, to explore and learn about them, and to see if the inhabitants have encountered problems similar to our own, and how they might have dealt with (and perhaps solved) them.

So, do you think the ability to SLIDE, might be a part of the future of the human race on Earth?

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I think the multiverse is viable theoretically. But accessible to humans?

Probably not. Not in my lifetime anyway.

But hell sign me up! This reality blows.

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You’ve been added to “The List”.


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I loved that show SO MUCH. I was about 11–13 when I watched it though. I wonder what I’d think of it now…

Now I’m gonna be nostalgic all day.

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Yeah, actually I do in a way.

I believe that there are additional dimensions around us and we as three dimensions beings have limited access to those beyond the dimensions that have been revealed to us.

The best analogy that i have read in this regard is based on something out of a book called, Flatland I think. But I haven’t read that book. I just know the analogy.

Basically, you can think about a two dimensional maze on a piece of paper. Now imagine that you are a two dimensional dot inside that maze. All you will be able to see are the walls around you, much like how you feel inside of a garden labyrinth.

Now, if a three dimension cube were placed inside that same two dimensional maze, it would be able to see beyond the immediate walls because of it’s added dimension of height. This would be similar to someone sitting above the garden labyrinth watching, except that the person above the maze is actually just extended along the Z axis of the third dimension. A fourth dimensional being would be inside the labyrinth and above it at the same time.

In many ways, I think that our spirits access that fourth dimension, but that is a whole different discussion.

So to answer the question about different dimensions, yes absolutely.
But as far as alternate realities, i guess that just depends on how you define reality, but for me I would say that it is not as the show depicted because I think all dimensions are connected to the same reality.

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@MacBean, I’ve rewatched a couple of seasons recently. It’s great for the nostalgia but it seems more hoaky then I remember.

@fireside, Interesting analogy.

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Oh, that show… I used to love it!
I believe anything is possible, just remember how things were back in 1989, and now, 20 years later, everythig has changed so fast! I used to wonder, back in the day, if the earth would really blow up the way it did in neon genesis evangelion… We were about to know but the big bang experiment was aborted…(phew!)

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Yep, and I hope the guys are better looking than they are here.

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That might be difficult, as some of us guys here, are stunning… [coughs]

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turns head and throws up a little in her mouth :}

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Obviously, she has never seen [fill in movie star name here]

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Yep I remember Sliders, and MacBean now I know your age. heehee, I know it sounds silly to some but why not? It is a question I wonder on all the time.

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