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What's a good way to deal with a headache that's lasted for days?

Asked by DarkeSword (59points) October 8th, 2008

I’ve been plagued with a head/neckache for the past five days or so. I’ve tried advil, heatpads, even IcyHot™, which all have helped a little, but only for a few hours at a time. Any ideas?

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A trip to the doctors office.

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Any headache that persists should be checked out. Headaches can be a sign of many things – high blood pressure, dehydration and even serious conditions.

Are you hydrated? Drink clear fluids and be sure to phone your doctor’s office, talk to a nurse and see if they think you need to be seen.

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Medicinal Marijuana – I know it sounds crazy but I’ve got a friend that is prescribed marijuana for her severe headaches. Smoke you a joint and you’ll feel better.

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Definitely go to a doctor. Until then plenty of fluids, avoid straining eyes (i.e. reading in low light, watching a monitor or TV). Also try to get to a quiet environment and rest even for a few minutes.
Paracetamol may help take the edge off it or give relief for a time but it is only a temporary fix if you headache is persistent.

Possible causes – tooth infection, eye strain, stress, tumour, environment, dehydration. Could be many other things too.

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Are you able to say whether it is a normal headache or a migraine?

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Call your doctor. Make an appointment.

Then turn off anything that seems to bother you. Lights, music, anything. Shut your eyes. Make a cool compress by putting some ice in a plastic bag and the bag in a dry washcloth or hand towel. Lay down, put that over your eyes/forehead. Try to get some sleep if you can. You may be dehydrated, so make sure you get plenty of water.

I find the excedrin does amazing things for my headaches, but try to talk to the doctor or nurse before taking anything. Just to be safe.

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Excedrin works well. Depends on the type of headache.
Any lasting 3 days warrants a trip to the doctor. you may have a sinus infection.

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I’d rent a guillotine to end it, but that’s just me.

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Headaches are not supposed to last for days. Please see your doctor ASAP. Let us know what happens.

Feel better soon.

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Thanks everyone for your advice. I’m planning on visiting the doctor very soon; my insurance situation has been a bit tricky (I just started a great new job, but my benefits don’t hit for another couple of weeks).

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