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What was the best present you ever got for Christmas?

Asked by AllyMay (239points) October 8th, 2008

What was the best present you ever got for Christmas? That one gift that you’ll never forget; maybe it was the way it was delivered? The person that got it for you? Something you had been waiting forever for? What was it?

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Notification that somebody I couldn’t stand, had died.

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Jack! How morbid!

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My Minolta X370 Camera in 11th grade. I loved it and have it still today. It showed my parents really trusted me. They built up all these hopes about maybe getting this no name brand kind and then led me on a hunt with hints all over the house. It was awesome.

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A cheese grater. Ok, I know that doesn’t sound like much, but it was the first chistmas present my boys saved up their own money and picked out by themselves.

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Mine was last year, my husband got me new cooking utensils, bras and undies, and hung them up on the tree like ornaments – because they were the same colours as the the tree décor they really blended in and I didn’t notice them for about an hour. I just about died laughing when I finally found them LOL I’m not the most alert person in the mornings.

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A cat. I got her when I was six or seven and I named her Muffin.

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One christmas (a long long time ago) I was expecting (and was 100% certain) that I was gonna get an Amiga 500 but instead I got a backpack (the camo style ones) with a bunch of books inside :(

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Oh my, an Amiga 500! You could have done animation on that baby!! I remember that one from college.

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My first cat. Shortly before Christmas, when I was about 5, I wished on a star and my step-father convinced me to tell him what I’d wished for. On Christmas morning there she was, an orange tiger striped cutie. I was convinced that wishing on a star was a valid idea for years!

As a side note, for Christmas last year my husband got me a cat. An orange tiger striped cutie!

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Powerwheels (I was a bit too big when they first came out but man i wanted 1 so bad)

But I remember when I got my 1st real BIKE
That bike made me so happy…
Do you rem. getting your 1st big boy/girl bike? Man, Wasn’t it just the greatest thing ever!!!

My older brother would prob. say his 1st Race Car Track. (which i helped him break…Him & I played w/ that ALL-the-time!)

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A two-story Barbie house with an elevator!
Hours of fun were had in that little house.

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I have this necklace that belonged to my mom. It was one that my dad had given her many years ago and for Christmas one year she gave it to me. I ended up breaking the chain not once but twice. The 2nd time it sat in my jewelry box for probably close to a year because I couldn’t find a chain. My husband snuck it out of my jewelry box and put a chain on it, had it wrapped up and gave it back to me for Christmas. I remember looking for the charm and not seeing it. I thought I had lost it. Low and behold. My mom is now gone but the necklace reminds me of her everytime I wear it. It also reminds me of how much my husband loves me to go out and get it fixed for me for Christmas. He knows how much the necklace means to me. That’s probably the best one.

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That is a lovely story Raggedy Ann. Your husband sounds like a gem.

My favorite presents were a Ballerina doll AND a Cowgirl doll – both on the same Christmas, which was unusual. It was way back in 1950 when I was 8.

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Thanks Kar! He is a pretty special guy. The fact that he hid it from me is the best part. I can usually see right through him but not this time.

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nintendo 64 + 2 games :) i wrote a letter to santa and got what i asked for! santa totally exists, guys.

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My favorite and recurring Christmas gift was the Betty Crocker Baking Set from the 50’s. It had a little rolling pin, little cake and frsting mixes, cake and pie pan, cookie cutters. Wow! It made little hockey-puck cakes and cardboard-tasting pies in Mom’s oven. It was the pre-curser to the Easy-Bake Oven. It didn’t matter what they tasted like – we imagined that they tasted like the picture on the box. I got one every year.

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Tickets to John Berry in Concert.

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My family know I am a huge Pink Floyd fan so they co -ordinated gifts this year with my other half buying me Oh by the way – an incredible box set of pretty much every Pink Floyd album and my kids got be David Gilmour Live in Gdansk.

A wonderful musical Christmas – perfect!

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without question – my grandmother’s wedding ring. Engraved 1917 – Edward to Rose I actually Never saw her wear the ring – she wore other rings – but my Dad found it in her safety deposit box after she died and he gave it to me for Christmas – I’ve worn it every day since then for some 25 years.

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I know this may seem a little naive, but I was 10 at the time. I received an empty bunny cage. My mom said that we could go to the pet store and pick out a baby bunny! I was so excited!

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A bottle of Polo. I can’t say it was the best, but it seems to stick out as the most memorable for several reasons:
1. It was given to me by my next-door neighbor…who I had a big crush on for years.
2. It was given to me when I was in the eight grade. The bottle was symbolic to my
coming of age.
3. 25 years later…I still have it (¾ full) sitting in my medicine cabinet.
4. Whenever I smell Polo, it takes me back to the eigth grade and I can still feel the sensations of a crush on my old neighbor.

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@WilAthart, that’s really cute ^.^

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my GHD hair straighteners – couldnt be without them

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A little piece of pottery my son gave me he had made in his pottery class. I will treasure that the rest of my life.

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Last year I had bought my lady an emerald necklace for her birthdar, Dec 22nd. On the 25th she appeared under the tree with the necklace on, a big green bow in her hair and nothing else but a smile.

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A divorce! lol

Actually a combination of both Xmas & B-day, the day after! hahaha

What could be a better gift than freedom!

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Believe it or not, it was a Red Ryder BB Gun with a compass in the stock. i was eight years old and that movie could have been written about yours truly. i have watched A Christmas Story at least 15 times.

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Hogwarts! (I wish I knew where it is now)

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