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What is the best iPhone case out there?

Asked by bybvibe93 (232points) August 13th, 2007 from iPhone

No iphone cases have caught my eye. Right now i dont use a case, i wanted the belkin acrylic case but i heard that it scratched the iphone pretty bad. Does anybody have a case that they like a lot and would recomend? Id like to hear your thoughts. :)

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I love the Mediapocket by designer Josh Jakus.

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I have the clear hard plastic case and hate it. I bought it to prevent scratches and all it has done is trap dust particles and other debris. The phone does shift within the case and the trapped particles have scratched the back of the iPhone badly. The only reason I leave the case on the phone is to protect it when I drop it and I have dropped it a couple of times.

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I've tried 3 cases for the iPhone so far; the iSee Contour Plastic Case, the Marware Sportsuit Sleeve and the DLO Leather HipCase. The DLO case has been by far the best. The Contour case is nice but I don't feel secure with it on my hip. The Marware case is good if you want to toss your phone into a bag, but while wearing it on your hip it sticks out much too far (I feel like I'm packing a gun while I wear it) and the velcro on it is complete rubbish. The DLO case sticks tightly to the body and the velcro works great. It's also stylish and professional looking. Only thing it's missing is access to the buttons while containing the phone, but I don't find that to be a problem at all. Enjoy!

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I have also bought a few but I dont like any of them. I go caseless. My wife keeps hers in the clear acrylic case. It has a good handle for watching video but besides that it has issue as listed above. The cheapest place to buy cases by the way is I have always revived great products for cheap prices

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I have both the Belkin acrylic case and the DLO leather case. I use the acrylic case as a stand but use the leather pouch in my purse. I like the leather case better. The acrylic case does scratch the silver tr around the phone.

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Gone through 3 cases (Belkin, Incase, Contour), hated them all-more scratches from lint, dust rubbing between case & iPhone;

opted for a Case Logic soft pouch (think sleeping bag for iPod), which was designed for iPod but works equally well for the iPhone; I carry in my pocket & works great at preventing both scratches and dust/lint buildup. iPhone is very happy now. As for dropping, iPhone has survived a couple of drops and still beautiful, just using a crystal case screen protector for the multitouch screen. IMO iPhone meant to be held/operated in the 'nude'! I guess when the exterior has enough scratches/dents, I'll look into replacing the casing with those mods we're seeing on the 'boards...

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My hand and my pocket. I'm reasonably careful and have one tiny door ding on the side.

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I have enjoyed the Incase Leather Folio, no problems so far...

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My son also has the DLO hip case and likes it a lot. I don't use anything. I have a dedicated pocket or slot in my purse for it, and often slip it into a front pocket. We both have the Power Support Crystal Film screen protectors on, which are virtually undetectable. I have just a few scratches on the chrome bevel, and I have to look really hard to see them. I also polish it up periodically with the iKlear cleaner that Apple sells for the computers and iPods and it looks great after >1 month!

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I second the Vaja recommendation, they are gorgeous and come in many colors. I am probably going to get one of the ones that has the wrist strap.

If protection is important to you, then the iSkin Revo is has the best coverage while still maintaining a reasonable size and style.

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The best case is by CoverCase. They have it in 20 colors with super fast shipping. The website is:

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I’ve seen a ton of cases, and by far the new Incase hard shell slider case is the BEST!


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CEO SLEEVE. It looks great and it cleans your screen very well whenever you slide in or out your iPhone.

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I bought an Otterbox case for my wife’s iphone, as she has a tendecy to drop anything she comes into contact with, and has totally destroyed 3 cellphones since we’ve been together.
So far, it been great. Has a clear panel over the screen and you can use all the phone functions through the case.

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I’ve used the Griffin acrylic case (iSee, I think) and the Contour Hardskin. The Griffin one is bulky whereas the Contour one doesn’t add much bulk, particularly at the front. The rubberised coating on it isn’t very durable and the rubber button covers just fall out but even so it’s my preferred option. I’d agree with others that a major issue is that almost all cases pick up grit and actually end up scratching the device if you’re not careful. You need to clean your case every now and then to avoid this. The soft silicon cases are particularly bad for this.

I’ve used film screen protectors on my iPhones which I’d recommend.

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I am using Macally Metro, it is ok, but the screen protector is not always in its place, some times there is bubbles and some times it prevent iPhone understanding the phone is not near the face so you can not see the screen.

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I love my red Amano case, as it’s slim and tough. I got it from here:

It has many special cases that cannot be found elsewhere.

I also like its Voguish hard case. You should check this out.

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i also bought a Darius series from dealsniper but it’s quality is poor than I expected. It has two small scratches on the lower part of the case. I sent few photos to them but they refused to refund or exchange another one for me. I’m so disappointed with their services.

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Yes! I got a Darius series case from them, the case is very light, quality is good, it shines a lot on my iPhone, I usually use it as a mirror, it rocks!!

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I use the Otterbox Defender and it has saved my Iphone many times whereas others have not and this is my third iPhone.

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