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I need help with quantitative methods?

Asked by afghanmoose (554points) October 8th, 2008

i had to take this class because its required for me in order to graduate with a business BA. Problem is im not that good in math and my teacher is straight off the bought,thick accent and very fast.atleast our test is take home,what should i do in order to have a study guide handy when im taking a test or if theres an easy way to help me understand this class.PLEASE HELP!i do read the book but its a bit too wordy,so i rely on the notes and even those are straight from the book.

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Probably your best bet is to start/join a study group with other students in the same class. It is too difficult to give help/information on a quantitative methods class without looking at the specific material you are trying to understand.
Also, see if you are allowed to record the lectures, then, if you are unclear or miss something due to your teachers accent, you can replay the audio recording at home.

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Talk to the department chairman; if the teacher has a really unintelligible accent, that is not fair to his students. Is there a Teaching Assistant available for help? And is a BA in business the right degree if you are uncomfortable with math? And do not also feel comfortable with the text book?

(straight off the boat…your English counts also)

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I’m not a strong math student, and I drop-added Statistics 4 times until I ended up with a teacher I could understand. I would suggest talking to the teacher and tell him that you are having a hard time following his lectures because of his accent and that he talks too fast. Ask if he could provide lecture notes, or structure the class so there is more time for interactive learning. Just because someone is gifted in their subject at a university level, does not mean they are suited to teach lower level courses.

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