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What is this homecoming thing?

Asked by blastfamy (2159points) October 8th, 2008

I guess I missed the memo, or something.

Why do high schools and colleges have homecoming? Is there some age-old tradition that I missed? What is so special besides a football game and pep-rallies?

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I wanna know to!

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In theory it is when those who have attended the institution return for revelry. Or what not.

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I have homecoming week this week. Dunno why we do it, but it’s fun.

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I thought it was about the competition/game of the football teams from where you went to high school and the closest town – where everyone from college, etc. came home for the game because it was the great rivalry. And then there was a dance that night to (hopefully) celebrate.

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This is easy. It is a “home-coming”, or a welcome home to the students, faculty, etc at an institution.

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Homecoming is this week at UCD, too.

Les: If that was true then wouldn’t the homecoming game be sooner than it is? Like maybe the first football game? (UCD has already had football games this season.)

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It is true. The definition of the word “homecoming” is “a returning home”. Why it is in October probably has to do with when it was first started (see the wiki article). Maybe they don’t do it right at the beginning because there is already too much stuff going on at that time. Moving it into the semester about a month allows for freshies to adjust, and everyone to get in the swing of things. Maybe.

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It used to be an opportunity for returning to your alma mater and seeing old friends. Dances and social events used to be multi-generational.

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I thought it was called homecoming because alumni always come visit then. they’re like, coming back to their old “home” – high school or college.

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Alfreda/chica: That’s what I thought. It had to do with alumni returning to their schools to celebrate.

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This never happens nowadays. Thanks for letting me in… I would have never known. Given the nature of the not-tradition (anymore), should there even still be a homecomming?

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We’ve always had homecoming at my high school and my college (that I’m still in), and there are always alumni there. I don’t know what you’re talking about blastfamy…

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