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When do you know if you`re ready to get married?

Asked by CherryRed (50points) October 8th, 2008
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Are you contemplating this personally or just asking hypothetically?

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After you’ve been married. Hindsight is 20/20.
Otherwise, it’s just a guess.

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When you dont have to ask yourself that question.

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I’d say when you have your dream job and are happy and stable, then you are ready.
If you are a student, or have a job (one that is part time or not serious) your life situation is different. But once you finish school and/or have a career/dream job , then what you want (goals etc.) is different. And you might not be on the same page as your gf and might want to settle down (have a family/kids etc.) so what you want in a (I’ll use the word MATE) will be different when you are not a beer drinking, party going, keg stand champion,...oh i just noticed your avatar (girl..sorry)
I’d say imho that…I guess the same things apply, you have to make sure your career/school etc. will not get in the way of your marriage. (as long as your bf/gf knows that your needs/goals will change, and that he/she still wants to be with you, knowing what’ll happen.

hope that made sense…

Also, if you are talking emotionally, then that is a whole new story. I’d say it’s different for every person. (depending on how mature you are) I LOVE pronouncing the word mature as MA.TU.R (not ch)

I don’t agree with this shirt, but I just thought it was funny:

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Emotionally, I would have to say when you find a person whose presence makes the day complete for you.

Practically, when you both live on your own, pay your bills, and have each done at least one thing that you couldn’t if you had to ask someone else if it was okay to do.

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when your ready to give your spouse half of everything you own if things go south.

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Before you are showing.

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When you are tired of the life you have maybe

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I can’t answer that for you… because I don’t know you. I couldn’t answer that question for anyone but myself, just as I don’t think anyone can give you the right answer. You will know.

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