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How many domains do you own, and what percent actually have working sites?

Asked by kullervo (785points) October 9th, 2008

With fewer and fewer good domains available are people hoarding them for future use or are there genuinely that many sites out there. How many do you personally own? How many have you bought on behalf of your company?

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I think the answer is somewhere between 10 and 15, and I think “working sites” is a loaded term. In my mind, if it resolves to something, it’s “working”. There’s more than web traffic on the internets—some I just use for email or storage or other purposes. I own them all personally, although others use them. I have never bought one on the behalf of my company.

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7 domains, 1 inactive.

I hate people that by a massive amount of domains and auction them off. Douche move.

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I have 15 domains, all parked. Most are for personal projects that I really do intend to implement, but never seem to find the time for. :-/ A couple are for redirects to those projects, if/when they do get implemented.

I leave my real contact info in the registration, so anybody who knows how to use whois and wants to use a domain I’ve currently got can email, call or postal mail me. It’s never happened yet, but I would seriously consider any offer of a couple hundred dollars or more, from somebody who’s going to use a domain name sooner than I will..

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If my counting is correct, I own nine domains, all of them for personal use. Seven of them resolve to actual websites—though two of those are very simple one-off sort of websites that I probably will never use again and two others direct to the same place. The remaining two of them I own preemptively for projects I may or may not want to use them for in the future.

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roughly.. 3 or 4. All “working”.

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I have seven domains with 7 working sites.

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