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I am redesigning our company website. Any suggestions?

Asked by lbus1229 (338points) October 9th, 2008

The web address is What are some websites that I can look at that are really well put together. Do you have any suggestions for web designers?

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Without trying to offend, I must state that lends itself to seizures. I can’t really give design tips so much but to try and consolidate some of the sections of content currently there, simplify layout with CSS, and suggest that flashy things need to have purpose. As far as where to go to look, just browse around and find what you like!

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The old one looked OK to me. Following the bus accident last week I might add that all of the drivers have had background checks with a long history of safe driving. Also might add in a map showing where you will/can drive to with a chartered coach.

After relooking at the exsisting ad I might agree with skord. Show more highway (as if looking down a highway from a windshield perspective) and slow the text down. You definitely can trigger a seizure with flickering light(s).

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Bigger text size! Your text sizes are very small, which might look great to designers like you and me, but remember people have to read that! :) Think about your target audience. Anyone could be looking into getting a charter bus; that includes people with bad eyesight.

The text-size on the sub-pages is better, but you want to make the index page a place where people can really find things at a glance without squinting too much. Readability is very important. Use high contrast between foreground and background colors, and stay away from highly saturated colors for anything text related (except for stuff like logos, of course).

Text-size is a very simple thing that designers often overlook. They see a page in terms of abstract blocks of content and forget about actually presenting the content itself.

Good luck. :)

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The text size is not too bad. I have a 22 inch monitor at 1680 by 1050 and I can read it alright.

I would suggest maybe making the navigation bar easier to find, my eyes are so distracted by the flash animation I can’t find the navigation.

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Install a “back door” entrance (password) known only to you, so that if your company ever “messes you over,” you will have a way to hack into their system and do whatever, to smite them.

Most companies are fair, just and honest with their employees, of course, but for the others, it’s nice to have a “Plan B” that hopefully, you will never need to use.

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Tone down that blue. Use a darker shade, maybe. It distracts too much from the content in the center of the page and makes the small text harder to read.

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