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A very odd voting question.

Asked by poofandmook (17272points) October 9th, 2008

My boyfriend is a giant pessimist when it comes to voting, if that’s the right word to use here… which I doubt. Anyway, his theory is that New Jersey is going to be a blue state no matter how he votes, and since his vote isn’t really going to make a difference, he doesn’t particularly care. He said that if I didn’t register on time, he’d vote for me, since he is registered from a time when he did care. If he truly doesn’t care, and has no intention of voting otherwise, would it be wrong to tell him to vote for me and then go vote behind his back?

He’s right… New Jersey will be blue no matter whether or not he votes. But I think an extra vote in that direction certainly couldn’t hurt, and it’s such a nice offer, you know?

I know this question is completely silly, but the option of being slightly deceitful for the greater good is on the table, and the only way he’s hurt is 10 minutes out of his day. How wrong is it?

I should note, thanks to a lofty response, that I already proposed this little plan to Brad and he laughed and said “you’d be a butt for making me get up earlier if you did that!”

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Is it wrong to manipulate your boyfriend by lying to him?

What do you think?

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If you’re in Jersey, the elections there are probably rigged, anyway, so go for it.

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@jasongarrett: You’ll note the words “completely silly” and “how wrong is it?” Thanks for playing.

I have since added a note to my question.

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Well, I ran it through the wrong-ometer and it said is 4.2 wrong.

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Is it for the greater good? Maybe.

Is it ethical? Probably not.

If he doesn’t want to vote, that’s his prerogative. But just because he doesn’t want to use his doesn’t mean you get it. You’re one person, you get one vote. Don’t play the system. Politicians try to do that enough; this country doesn’t need voters doing it too.

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Tell him to vote for the overall popular vote. Yes, Jersey will go your way, but it is better if we can look back on the election and say, “We got the electoral college, but we also got the popular vote.”

Also, it is his duty as a US citizen to vote. Frankly, if he doesn’t, I would tell him that he loses all right to make any comment on anything effected by politics until the next election. At which point if he doesn’t vote, he continues to lose that right.

Because nothing annoys me more than people who don’t vote but feel like they are allowed to complain about the state of things.

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Review this question and just work on him. You’ve got a few weeks and if he really doesn’t care then he should be fine with adding his vote to yours.

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It is completely unethical to cast multiple votes which is what it appears you are essentially trying to do…

New hampshire will likely go to the dems, but that doesn’t mean that you should rig the vote in any way. Please try to keep this election fair and in good taste.

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Fair? Good taste? In Jersey? Get real!!!!!

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we always hear this one about “my vote won’t count anyway.” try this at home: fill a clear glass of water 3/4 full. stick your finger in the water and watch the water rise ever so slightly. that’s your vote.

you’re only one person, true enough, but votes are like the lottery: you have to play to win.

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It would be more realistic to add one drop of water to a glass of water, and then see if you can detect (with the naked eye) a “noticeable rise” in the level of the water line in the glass.

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Alright, Jack, seriously. Enough with the Jersey bashing. That wasn’t part of the question. Thanks.

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Yes it was, quoting verbatim: “Anyway, his theory is that New Jersey is going to be a blue state no matter how he votes…”

The state was indeed mentioned first, along with the implied “fact” that no matter how he voted, the state would remain a Democratic stronghold, which means that voting results might be “pre-determined.”

I used to live in Flushing, Queens NY and know a fairly good deal about voting in The Garden State.

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Living in Queens has nothing to do with how to vote in New Jersey. NJ is always blue. Unless a wave of Republicans washed up with all the hypodermic needles on the shore, it’ll be a blue state.

I wasn’t aware that mentioning NJ gave you full permission to bash the hell out of it.

Are you trying to irritate as many people as possible before November 1st or something?

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I wasn’t bashing NJ. I was bashing the voting protocols in NJ, which anyone who really lives there, would already know about.

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whatever your selective memory needs to get through the night.

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The first word of any sentence should be capitalized.

I wonder why your memory failed you, when you were composing that sentence?

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Let Jack pick, poof. It’s what NY and NJ do to each other, you know that. Being a resident of one gives you permanent permission to talk $hit about the other. It’s like old married couples who snark in mixed company about bad cooking and boring sex but still stick together anyway.

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MacBean is right. I’d lay down my life for any resident of NJ, even if they were from Secaucus.

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It may be convenient- but that doesn’t make it right. No matter what state you’re in. Take your cats to the polls, let them vote in person! Are they registered?

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Would you like me to work on him a little for you?

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@august: LOL… He said he would vote against Palin… but I don’t know what that actually means at this point. He may just be saying that.

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