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How do you get the smell of sour milk out of the carpet?

Asked by squirbel (4292points) October 9th, 2008 from iPhone

It smells.

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Probably a steam cleaner.

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How about a cheap home remedy? I’m a poor student and I’m going to have company this weekend!!


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Back when I was little, my mom would always use vinegar to get bad smells out of carpet. I know vinegar smells strong but the vinegar smell actually goes away fairly quickly.

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Try white vinegar and water spritz.

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@bodyhead…great minds….lol

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I 3rd the vinegar thing, I swear by it. Also baking soda always absorbs the worst of odors. And if you have a disposal for a quck cover up you can always throw some orange peels down the disposal and it makes everything smell citrus-fresh! (Or cook some pop corn.) ha. Can you tell I’ve had experience with smelly situations?

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Or else sprinkle some corn meal or borax on area; vac later. The granules might absorb the milk. (Or else try a foaming carpet cleaner.)

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Thanks everyone!

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What were you doing, bringing a cow into your living room in the first place?

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And, if you have time to go to the store, there’s a really good product called Bac-out which puts enzymes into the icky place and neutralizes the actual living horror. I have a competent dog who brings stuff into the house in the middle of the night and gnaws on it on the carpet, and a brave kitty who brings corpses of small rodents in and leaves gifts of gall bladders, the front ends of heads, and blood. It’s that kind of household. Milk can be especially horrible though. Good luck, all these ideas will help.

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