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Removal of Windows Service Pack 3 has messed up my Screen DPI?

Asked by StrawBaleTeacher (14points) October 9th, 2008

I removed the service pack 3 from my computer because the installation of the pack made it impossible for me to print architectural drawings from my design program. Having removed the pack, I was able to print, but my screen DPI (dots per inch) is now huge. My screen looks like a bad comic book and I can’t seem to fix it in my control panel. I have reinstalled the service pack 3 and all the other available updates, yet nothing changes. How do I get my screen back?

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1. Start > Control Panel > Display > Settings (tab)
2. Move the Screen Resolution slider to the right as desired.
3. Click OK.

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Yeah. I tried that but it won’t keep the settings. I have now removed several updates from the computer and things look okay again. Now I just have to reinstall the updates and hope things don’t fall apart on me!

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Consider checking if there have been any BIOS or other firmware updates for your PC. I’ve seen those jack with my video settings, too.

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