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Would you start a new Long Distance Relationship?

Asked by PredatorGanazX (222points) October 9th, 2008

I know there are several question on LDR posted but mostly is for relation that is already started and somehow work or studies made them apart.

But What about when you met someone that you really fond of across the ocean.

Will you willing to start the LDR ?

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I don’t know if you’re my type. Sorry.

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Not untill I’ve ended the one I’m in at the moment.

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No. There would not be enough of an emotional investment to put up with the inherent difficulties.

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“Really fond of” might not be quite enough for me. “Madly, compulsively, passionately in love with” might be the ticket. Or, at least if you can see the potential for intense, passionate love.

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Those potential are there but somehow in a far distance to begin with.

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