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What was your favorite class in high school or college? Was it the teacher or course that made it great?

Asked by GAMBIT (3958points) October 9th, 2008
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First, Philosophy. It was both the teacher and the course that made the whole thing wonderful. It was taught by an ex-Jesuit at a Jesuit University and he made the course come alive. He was the first to make me stop and think, really think, for myself.

Secondly, Astronomy. While the teacher was good the subject matter was/is unbelievably
fascinating. Discussions of black holes and red dwarfs and the unending-ness of the Universe haunt and fascinate me to this day. It was this course that taught me how to use a telescope and to find and map constellations and to see and somewhat understand what the naked eye can’t see.

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In high school, it was “Earth Science,” which I wish they would have called, Geology.

I wasn’t too swift on the up-take with science courses as a rule, but I excelled in this one, mostly because the teacher, Mr. Lange (rhymed with Tangy) was such a friendly guy, with a fantastic sense of humor (and a penchant for puns).

The first 10 minutes of every class of his, with few exceptions, was set aside for joke-telling, and when his timer went off, he’d say something like, “OK, enough of this foreplay; let’s get to work!”

If he could work a joke into his lectures, believe me, he would.

His logic was, “If I tell you a joke and you laugh, it means that you were paying attention. Those who don’t laugh at my jokes, get a failing mark for that day, because they were NOT paying attention.”

I would have paid some serious bux to take his class again, just because, like a mushroom, he was a real fungi.

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I took an Art History course which covered prehistoric art through the year 1100. It was the most amazing class ever. I am very interested in ancient art, so the subject was good, but the teacher was incredible. His name is Dr. Liakos, and all the class was was him showing us slide after slide after slide of all this art, while he explained it. The best part was: every picture he showed us was a picture he took. Inside the great pyramid, in Greece, in the Louvre, you name it, he saw it. What an incredible man.

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Probably any class with Ananya Roy.
Hell, if I could find ways to appease my bodily functions;
I could probably listen to her 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 365 days a year.
Okay, maybe 355 days a year. (Minus major federal holidays.)

All my architecture studio classes.
I know we’re supposed to choose just one.
But to be honest, they all kind of blend into one long unending,
absurdly-excruciating, but wildly-enlightening experience.

Took an intaglio class.
Best class in the Art Practice department (IMNSHO).
Incorporates drawing, composition, colour theory, photography, mixed media,
with a dash of hands-on technical knowledge. And even a bit of chemistry.
Also, I think I’m drawn to practices that verge on the archaic.

The instructor’s knowledge, experience
and sense of humour only made it that much better.

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I have had several. The classes were interesting to me in the first place, but I think it was the teachers/professors who were teaching them that made them exceptional.

High school history – I took three history classes and one government class for the same teacher. I absolutely loved his classes. He is such an amazing teacher. When I was all done with my history requirements in high school I decided to be his TA so that I could still be “in his class.” Since my college is in the same city as my high school I still go visit him. He loves having old students drop in and say hi.

College sociology – I took four courses from the same sociology professor within my first two years and I believe that she is the reason why I am a sociology major. I knew I loved the topics/subjects of sociology, but she was the one who made me realize that this is what I wanted to major in.

College philosophy – The funniest, craziest, most entertaining, energetic, hippyish professor I have ever had. I like philosophy, but I went into class thinking it would get boring after a while. Each day, however, I looked forward to going to class and learning from him. (This is even more amazing because it was a summer class.)

College geology – I took this class to fulfill my science requirements and ended up declaring a minor in geology. I never knew learning about Earth could be so awesome. The way this professor presented the material made me want to learn as much as I could. Right now I’m in a geology class with another professor who is ok, but when I don’t understand something the way my current professor explains it I drop into my old professors office and he lays it out in a simple, easy, straightforward manner. Best science professor ever.

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I always loved English, but I liked school for the most part. What I remember are the teachers that inspired me.

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Honors English, in high school. The teacher was quite a bit like Allie’s philosophy professor, and made a subject I already loved all the more enjoyable.

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That was a classes of english and why so becouse the language.

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Lurve for the utter irony of that statement.

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Mathematics. The teacher. Definitely the teacher. I am more a person who likes to do things on the basis it makes someone else happy than makes me feel like I’ve achieved a task. So if the teacher is nice, I want to put an extra effort into enjoying and understanding their subject. And I do.

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