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What % of couples are swinging in 2008 usa.

Asked by JUDYXYC (31points) October 9th, 2008

I read that 3% to 20% of couples are swinging in the u.s.a in 2008. what is the most accurate estimate ?

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Where did you get that data?

I suppose it would take a very reliable source that had polled a representative sample of Americans.

I used to work with a woman, who eventually became quite open about discussing she and her husband’s “swinging”.

To each his own, but GROSS! Keep your sex life private please!

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47% of all statistics are made up arbatrarily.

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I don’t have a clue, but it brings to mind a guilty pleasure of mine. This summer I watched the CBS show Swingtown and I loved it. I think only because of the 70s music, decor, clothes etc.. I was a teenager then and its a nostalgia thing. I never had and never would participate in such a thing, but I have to admit was interesting to watch. I LOVED the controversy it caused. It was a ballsy move for CBS. The religious right was all up in arms. Everyone was going to go to hell!

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I’m pretty sure it is one of the following:


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Fireside Hah!, that’s hilarious! Lurve for you.

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According to reader responses to a Redbook survey several years ago, 4% of their readership (mostly female, obviously) reported that they had engaged in some sort of “sexual partner exchange,” on at least one occasion.

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I swing alone. Swinging together makes the seat uncomfortable.

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