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Which is more" intense" for swinging couples swinging [ same room ] or swinging in [ separate rooms?

Asked by JUDYXYC (31points) October 9th, 2008
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Enough with the swinging. This is just getting creepy.

Is this not obvious? Watching your partner swing is definitely more emotionally arousing, whether those emotions be lust, jealousy, whatever.

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Ya, this is kind of gross. A little baser than the regular Fluther fare.

Maybe try a swinging site for these questions.

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some couples are open to both and even play on their own but for most if there is swapping going in it happens in the same room. That way you can hear and see your partner and too some that is really hot.

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check user’s arrival and previous questions. Something rotten in Denmark?

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Ignore the negative comments, JUDYXYC

Have you got a date for this weekend?

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@judochop, a more mangled version of this question was already moderated. One more question like this is proof that judy is just trying to get off. On fluther!!!

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I prefer the teeter totter to swinging. And when we are done, we both get off at the same time.

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I have just now read the very best answer, ever posted on Fluther.

Kudos to you, Sueanne_Tremendous!

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It really depends on how big the room is. Can you fit 4 tarzan vines in the room without bumping into each other?

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The best part of swinging is jumping off. “Cowabunga!”

Really intense.

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