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What's a good birthday gift for a 10 year old girl?

Asked by jca (36046points) October 9th, 2008

i have to have it by saturday for a party so i don’t have time to buy anything on the internet.

she doesn’t wear dresses. i could always resort to money if i’m desperate, but i know kids like to open presents, too. i want to spend about $30.

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Vacuum Cleaner?

You did say girl, right?

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Hanna Montana CD’s?

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something with the Jonas Brothers or Demi Lovato on it. Demi Lovato just had a new CD come out and it is hugely popular.

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How about a gift card?

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Get her a pony. I hear they like those.

Oh I see you only have $30. Get her an airbrushed shirt with her name on it. That’s always a winner with me.

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Limited Too has a lot of really cute girly accessories if you aren’t sure about clothes; as well as a ton of Jonas Brothers merchandise (t-shirts, books, pins, etc.). They also sell the Project Runway game that girls are suppose to be into, and it looks about $30.

You can usually get 25% off coupons on their website to print out, or just tell the girl at the register that Jessica called you to get 25% off.

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The Daring Book for Girls.

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Limited Too is a great idea!

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Loser has a good idea. A gift card is good because that way it lets the birthday girl choose what she wants. Besides, that way she can’t complain if she doesn’t like the present(s).

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Whoa, hold the phones—There’s a Project Runway game?!

I think games are a really good idea. I don’t know what the best children’s games are these days, but I’m sure Target could be helpful. Barbies were my favorite at that age, but there’s that whole imposing-unrealistic-expectations-and-questionable-gender-roles-on-young-girls thing to worry about.

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Apples to Apples is a good game. AT any age.

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I’m getting my 28 year old daughter project runway for Christmas!

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A ten year old boy?

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My ten year old loves the American Girl dolls and stories. I believe Amazon has over night deliveries.

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I can’t find the Prokect Runway board game. :-(

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To make the gift card idea more exciting to open, wrap it in multiple layers (box within a box within a box). I used to love getting those.

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This is the Project Runway makeup artist game, and there’s also one more listed on the Limited Too webpage.

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The story in these 2 books are of boys in made up fantastic adventures. Amazing & beautifully illustrated. Regardless that she’s a girl I think she would dig ‘em.

Flotsam (a Caldecott Medal Book)
Sector 7 (another Caldecott Medal Book, by the same author!)

For a 10 y.o. a giftcard would be devoid of the magic that comes when one unwraps a gift, IMHO.

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When my husband’s nieces were that small (and he didn’t have me to ask for advice, heh), he used to go to the cosmetic section of the store and just pick out however many of the $0.99 nail polishes as fit his budget – the freakier the color, the better. They loved how he would buy the colors that their parents wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole, and he loved getting out of the “wtf do I buy them this year?” bind.

Of course, this only works if the girl in question is into freaky nail polish. However, anything relatively harmless that her parents wouldn’t ordinarily get for her might be fair game.

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I like Laureth’s suggestion. I would probably do someting like that if it was my neice—or go to Claire’s and see what was cute. Or the bookstore.

I wouldn’t get my niece anything to do with Hannah Montana or the Jonas Brothers. I’m morally opposed to them. Their music stinks.

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@laureth – Excellent! Any wacky accessories/makeup would be really fun. Most ten-year-olds don’t care about how expensive things are, as long as they are fun to try out.

As for music… That’s tough. I’d actually buy them something classic. Maybe the Beatles. Or a soundtrack from a movie.

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thanks for all the suggestions. they were all great. i’m giving you all “good answers.” i know she likes jonas brothers, and i may go to limited too and get her some jonas brothers stuff. i heard walmart also has a lot of jonas brothers stuff, also. in addition, i may do the nail polish idea. i’m going to be shopping like mad tonight!! thanks also for the limited too coupon idea – i never would have thought of it.

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Art supplies might be a nice idea: crayons, colored pencils, markers, glitter, etc.?

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I know I’m too late, but if anyone else searches for this subject and comes here, I’d like to add my favorite books in the world to the list, which I was reading at ten.

A Wrinkle In Time (series – duh)
Kipton & Gruff (series too)

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American Girl Doll stuff? A trip into one of the stores for a musical and girlie tea with a few friends?? A AG Doll??

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Depends on what she’s into. If you don’t know, something educational is always good like say an electronics set or maybe a book about science. Also some good books can be found over at a lot of good ideas for young girls their. Young girls are still in danger of being fed bigoted dehumanizing gender role even today so it’s important to protect young girls from this kind of thing. A girl who is fed Disney princesses today can become a disgusting parasitic girly girl tomorrow with no guts and no life.

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