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Has anyone backed up a server using ghost?

Asked by VoodooLogic (724points) October 9th, 2008

ghost or rsync? I’m claiming total n00b status and asking for help backuping up a RAID hard drive (setup for performance). I’m willing to do the research – your guidance is appreciated.

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What type of server? If you’re talking about windows, I’ve had very good luck with Acronis True Image. It’s crazy easy to set up and I actually have had to reimage the server one time and it worked like a charm. With it, I’ve got backups scheduled for every night and I’ve set the program to send me an email that includes the log for the backup (so I know it’s successful without even opening it). It also lets you mount your backup as a virtual local disk so you can retrieve individual files from before the backup.

The thing you are going to run in to is that standard backup programs won’t be able to back up files that the computer is using unless they do a shadow backup. Of the two, I’d go with Ghost but if you haven’t made up your mind, look into True Image.

Also, if you only have two drives then I understand why they are set up for performance but if you have three or more, you might want to look into a RAID 5. I prefer it because of the parity bit. You loose the space from an entire hard drive but if you have one fail, you can just replace it and let the raid rebuild itself while you continue working.

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@bodyhead I know it’s linux, I think it’s redhat (rpm). and there are six drives in total but the OS only see’s two. this true image sounds awesome, THANKS

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You might try something like mondo if you’re on linux. You have a ton more options then the windows world. The best thing is that a lot of the options will be free (like Mondo).

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