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Reusable or disposable razor?

Asked by Fieryspoon (1058points) October 9th, 2008

How often should I be changing the head on my reusable razor? How much does it cost to buy disposables? (Reusable razor heads are pretty expensive!)

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Disposable razors cut me much more frequently than pricier reusables. I only have to shave twice a week, so I can use mine for a while. It really depends on how coarse your hair is.

I know that this is a really horrible way to tell, but usually, when I get nicked, I know that the razor is dull and it’s time to switch.

Have you tried an electric razor? I am pretty happy with mine.

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I use a Merkur Hefty Classic DE. I change the blade every week. A pack of 10 double edge blades costs £1 or so and give an excellent shave.

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In the USA, reusable razor heads have become ridiculous. They all have, like, 13 blades and cost upwards of 3 dollars per razor.

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Its the same in the UK. Replacement blades for a Gillette fusion cost a fortune. In fact it was that that convinced me to go low tech and get one of these. It took a bit of getting used to but it does give a very close shave and doesn’t irritate my skin as much as those multi blade things.

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I replace mine every couple months, and I shave (my legs, which are pretty long) almost every day (4–5 x/ week).

I know it’s time, not because I’m exactly “nicked” but more because it kind of stings when I draw it across my skin. Also I have the kind with the “conditioning strip,” and when it’s completely empty often coincides with the stinging feeling.

As far a comparing razor options, I think in the end, disposables cost more per blade. Sure a 1 blade disposable razor costs less than a 3 blade razor-head, but they’re not really the same thing.

I fork over the dough for the mach 3 turbo, or reg. mach 3 when i’m feeling more broke, but i don’t go all out for the ‘fusion’.

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Oh, and unless you actually prefer to use fake-branded counterfeit cartridges, don’t buy ‘em cheap on eBay.

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Learn to use a straight razor. You’ll get a closer shave, and you’ll look hardcore.

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Wow, thanks for the link, Rob. I had never considered buying razorblades on eBay. Now I won’t.

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So, how many good shaves are in a single mach3 head? What about a women’s venus head? Venus is the female equivalent, right?

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Are you asking me?

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Well, you and everyone else :) You sort of answered earlier. 2 months, at 4 weeks per month, and 4.5 shaves per week is 36 shaves before you need to replace it, right :)

In that case, it definitely makes financial sense to use a reusable.

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Just out of curiousity, are you a guy or a girl? I ask because you asked specifically about about “women’s” razors.

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According to some men I know, women’s razor designs are actually easier on the chin/neck area than men’s. I use the Venus, and I probably change it after 5 (leg) shaves or so…but I have super sensitive skin, so it gets irritated very easily.

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I also recently switched from the Gilette super expensive system to “normal” old-school style. I also use a cool Merkur razor with exchangable razoe blades. Blades are super cheap and you get to use the real stuff. Badger hair brush and the real shaving creams that lather. Put your money into getting a nice shaving oil instead and you will never go back!

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If you are feeling particularly brave you could try a straight razor with disposable blades such as a Feather Artist Club

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I’m a guy, asking on behalf of a woman I know. I got into an debate about the cost efficiency of disposables versus a reusable razor.

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Ah, I see. So were you vindicated or refuted by the opinions of other flutherers?

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