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Song suggestions about moving on?

Asked by DrasticDreamer (23983points) October 9th, 2008

I need music to heal right now. The only suggestions I’m not really interested in are country/pop/rap/r&b.

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How about Ani DiFranco? Does indie rock appeal to you?

Check out her older stuff like:

Out of Range
Untouchable Face

Nina Simone is soothing as well:

A Single Woman
Feeling Good

In a different tune, for fun, try “We’ve Got Some Breaking Up To Do” by Private.

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The Same Old Sun by The Alan Parsons Project.

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I don’t know if the lyrics would apply to your particular situation, but I think this song has the effect of allowing one to move forward anyway:

Kuruki – Such A Liar.

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Units – Town by the river

Units – Cowboy (<- this would be my remedy. The whole record, Digital Stimulation by a group called Units, from 1980, probably has a sufficient amount of chaos to help clean your mind, if that’s what you’re looking for.)

Units – High pressure days
Units – Tight Fit
Units – Passion or Patterns

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Different style. (I’m not familiar with the kind of mood you are in and what you’re looking for, but I figure these tracks might give a welcome push on the theme of ‘movin forward’.)

Time Blake – Metro-Logic

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Makemo: Whenever I see your avatar, I’m get tempted to look to see what you’re looking at. Heh.

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Tangerine Dream – Hyperborea (I can’t post this here for the risk of copyright violation yada, but this is a really deep track… might be a real downer, though, so be aware, if you’re not in the mood for getting too emotional. But it’s SUCH a cry out loud, master piece of music track.)

…Topping it off with something slightly more ‘up’.
Stratis – Birds In A Cage

and just a last one, for good measure… this is a real healing one:
Solid Space – Contemplation

@Nimis: < :

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I was actually listening to Peter, Paul & Mary ‘Don’t think Twice, it’s Alright’ while I read the question. It was like a devine answer!

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The entire Pretty Hate Machine CD by Nine Inch Nails is pretty much perfect for dealing with a broken heart. It covers the whole spread- anger, sadness, regret, getting over it….

If having a good cry and wallowing makes you feel better and heal, Where Does the Good Go? by Tegan and Sarah is pretty miserable.

And @jsc- Untouchable Face is a brilliant suggestion.

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