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Is there any celebrity that you actually admire?

Asked by MrMontpetit (1838points) October 9th, 2008

A lot of celebrities are hated by most people. But is there any celebrity you would consider a good role model, or someone worth admiring?

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Too many to mention, here, but certainly at the top of the list would have to be Paul Newman and Christopher Reeve, right?

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If we’re going dead, then plenty. Katherine Hepburn comes immediately to mind.

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An atheist?

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Will Smith

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Definitely Paul Newman.

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Jackie Chan. To me, he has real joy in his work, and that’s inspiring. Plus, he does his own stunts.

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Yes, and he also does his own injuries.

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Can I be really corny and say Oprah? hahaha, I’M NOT EVEN JOKING!

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She has done much for which she should be admired. She’s an excellent choice for a role model.

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Another one worthy of my personal admiration, is Jonathan Harshman Winters Jr., because he has stayed in love with (and married to) the same woman, since 1948, and coincidentally, 9–11 was their 60th Anniversary, which is indeed rare, among show business couples.

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Keith Allen
Dominic West
and because of the RHPS Tim Curry
He actually is someone I admire now. He can sing, dance, and act. He is a triple threat. I want to be a famous actress when I’m older, so he really is someone to learn from. Keith, Dominic, and Tim are all great!

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Donny Deutsch & Michelle Obama, too.

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Craig Ferguson and I second that on Jonathan Winters!

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Not because of any good reason, but Bill Maher, beacause he is hilarious!

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Ian McKellan is at the top of my list.

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MrMontpetit, I share your admiration of Bill Maher, because he, like me, says exactly what he thinks/believes, and the only difference between he and me, is that no moderators try to stifle his free speech.

And with his ratings, they would not dare.

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Paul Newman for sure, Spike Lee, Martin Sheen, Tim Roberts & Susan Sarandon, Bono, Bob Geldoff. This may sound silly, but Stephen Colbert. I respect him because he is a religious man who doesn’t hide that fact, yet he doesn’t hit anyone people over the head with it.

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Neil Gaiman. He keeps a blog. It doesn’t take long to realize, as you read, that he’s a wonderful human being with a great family life. And he also writes! Also because I’ve seen him stay HOURS later than he was supposed to at an event to make sure that everyone who was in like by the end of his two hours there got at least one item signed. He stayed twice as long as he was supposed to. He’s good to fans and he’s good to his family. That’s really all I want from a celebrity: role model, writer. Yes.

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Paris Hilton!!!!! O-M-G shes soo hot and stylish

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[gags pukes]

[stops following]

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Angelina Jolie

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@EmpressPixie—I didn’t even think of Neil because he’s such a nice, regular guy that I forget he counts as a celebrity. Oops!

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@MacBean: He’s kind of my personal hero. He was my favorite author before I saw him do what I described above at an event. After that, I paid more attention to the family parts of his blog and the animals parts (the whole getting a new dog story) and realize he was a very worthwhile role model.

I forgot to mention Tamora Pierce because I’m not sure she’s popular enough to count. She co-founded with Meg Cabot of The Princess Diaries fame. It’s a pro-women website to basically tell girls they can he heroes too. She’s a very well known author. I loved her writing growing up. I admire her because when I was in high school, she was coming to town for a conference. I tried to get her to come talk to my school, but her schedule was full. Instead, she offered to meet with me and a few others who had gotten in touch for the same reason at a local coffee shop (Cafe du Monde).

At that point she was my favorite author (I didn’t know about Neil yet). She met with us for over an hour and answered a bunch of our questions and was basically a wonderful lady. And again, it was after meeting her that I realize she was both celebrity and excellent role model.

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Steve Jobs!

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@PIXEL, I wouldn’t really call him a celebrity, but more an idol to brainless followers.

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I don’t know who Keith Sweat is, really, but I admire him today. He is currently engaged in the lost art of protecting his children. He’s not signing their permission slip to go on Real Housewives of Atlanta, a reality TV show. From what I’ve heard of the similarly named shows, he’s saving them from some serious ridicule.

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Keith Sweat, voice of reason?
That’s a little surreal.

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None that are currently living.

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