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With the holidays coming up, is anyone cooking a Turdurken?

Asked by Riparian (13points) October 9th, 2008

“A Turducken is a delicately deboned turkey that is stuffed with boneless duck and chicken. A delicious cornbread dressing and pork stuffing is then added to separate each poultry.” I have for the last 6 years deep fried my turkeys… but If I can come up with a way to deep fry a turdurken… i just might!

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Every year I’m tempted.
But the risk of burning down my house has been too great.
Hey, I’ve got to have some place to celebrate Christmas, right?

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no, birds stuffed with other birds sounds just a little too midieval to me…One of my co workers cooks one every year..loves it.

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The best way I have ever had turkey cooked, is in an Imu pit, a huge hole in the ground where smoldering banana roots are placed, then turkeys wrapped in aluminum foil are put on top of the smoldering roots, the earth is shoveled onto that, and the turkeys cook underground for several hours.

When you dig them up later and remove the turkeys from the pit, no carving is needed at all.

You just remove the turkey from the foil, then, while wearing clean protective gloves, grab the turkey and gently shake it over the platter or fresh aluminum foil, and the meat falls away from the bone, cleanly. You are left holding nothing but a skeleton, with no meat on it at all.

The taste is just awesome. The ancient Hawaiians really knew how to feast!

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the turducken sounds like something that may cause food poisoning. sounds scary.

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My family had one about 2yrs. ago, and it was good. Now that you mentioned it, I might bring it up as something to have again this year.

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Some people have been known to bring it up, within one hour after eating it, if it isn’t thoroughly cooked.

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I had a pet duck. I dont eat duck.

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I’ve deep-fried several turkeys over the years, and I love the flavor. With a turducken, though, I would make sure I check the temperature of all three meats while cooking. Part of the problem is that most turducken recipes call for the stuffing between the meats while they are being stuffed before cooking. I’m not sure how that would work in a deep fryer. I would feel safer doing the stuffing separately, and serve it alongside the turducken. You can always flavor the injection more toward a stuffing so as to give the impression that the stuffing was in the turducken while it was cooking.

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