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City address or suburban life?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7810points) October 9th, 2008

i wrestled with this choice over 10 years ago. i just couldn’t see myself outside the inner city—chicago that is. but once i moved out to the suburbs and got used to hearing crickets at night and seeing stars in the sky void of bright street lights, i could never go back to the big “metro/cosmo” life.

gas station service is faster. fast-food drive ups are quicker. ATMs are remote and oddly safer.

dont get me wrong, i love to go to chicago for its restaurants, jazz clubs and museums, but living like a farmer suits me just fine.

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You have answered your own question, perhaps…

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I like being able to get what I want quickly in the city, but I prefer suburban/country life. I would rather have to drive a half hour to get to the stores/clubs etc, and have the peace and quiet. I am currently living in much more of a city-type environment than I want. I plan on getting back home to the peace and quiet, star-lit nights, and crickets as soon as I can.

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I think that John Denver might have something to say, regarding your feelings, Charlie.

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@soapchef! OMIGOD!!!! i know every word of “green acres!” thanks for sending the nostalgia! yeah, it’s a lot like that!

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I’m a city boy trapped in suburbia!

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I used to crave always being in the city, but the older I get the more it loses it’s appeal – even just to visit.

Just today I had some business in downtown Boston. $18 for 20 minutes of parking!?! Good grief!!

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You left out a third choice. Of the two, you mentioned I prefer the city. The third choice is the country. I also love that. In fact, my ideal would be to live in the country and have a pied a terre in the city.

I find the suburbs plastic and fear-inducing. (People who live there fear anyone who doesn’t.)

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I live in the suburbs outside New York. I like going into the city every now and then, but only every now and then. I feel stressed out when I’m there for too long. And living in the suburbs gives me a feeling of general suffocation.

I’ll take the country any day.

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A lot of things people don’t like when visiting the city are a non-issue if you live there. When you live in the city you don’t have to worry with parking because you just walk or take the bus from within a block of your front door.

I currently live in the city and really like it. I could see myself someday living in the country. But I’m with Marina on the suburbs feel. It’s just the worst of both the others combined.

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I agree with you, I lived most of my life in the city and now I live in the country and I love it and will never go back I love seeing deer in my back yard everyday.

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The live style on the countryside is kaind of chill.I mean it is able to smell in the air the a spring,a summer,a winter,a autum.that one who live at the country side can acualy smell the changeing of seazones.The little sence of nature is write around the country side.The city it self has some another offers like is modernizatione in short periode,more money,In city work the system more than on country side.Is the street jungle bether than the quilet in vilage.I like to be everywhere.

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I live in a city that has a smaller town feel to some areas of it and my actual home is located in the more suburban area and I love it because I get the best of both worlds. But then again, you’ve already answered your own question about the advantages of living in the suburbs. Good luck to you!

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