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Did I lose that fluther feeling?

Asked by trudacia (2508points) October 9th, 2008 from iPhone

First off, NO offense to new flutherers…..
Something has changed, is it just me?
I’m missing the serious debates (aside from the election). I’m missing thehaight and tinyfaery. I’m missing “frizzer”!

I don’t check in as often. What’s up with me?

The last topic I cared about was lovelockes dog….

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yeah, i’m getting a bit of a vibe drop too, what could it be i wonder…

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Stick around and catch up. You’ll feel “back in the groove” in no time!! With so many new members joining, it’s easy to feel kinda lost if you mioss a few days.

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I’m pretty new. (No offense taken.)
Probably have a lot less to reminisce about.

Even still, on some days, I feel the same way.
Kind of makes you want to sing.

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@nimis, NICE!

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Nothing is wrong with you – I, for one, joined in January, left in March, and started blazing through questions again just this week [October].

I was gone for more than 6 months. I believe I’ve come back and I’m rolling like I used to.

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Every online community I’ve ever been a part of has gone through cycles of this. It’s just the ebb and flow.

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It’s the ECONOMY!

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yep, it happens in all the forums…it might be a good time to check out some other neighborhoods….

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I miss peedub, too. And I was just wondering about all the discussion the other day also. Everything seems to be centered on politics right now. I understand why, but a little variety would be nice. Eh, cycles..

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I miss peedub. And I wasn’t even around when he was around! Good grief.
Was wading though some old questions and tried to get some old users to come back.
I think I got occ to come back for 1.2 seconds. So much for that.

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There, there little one. This too shall pass…

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stay focused my little kumquat. whatever that means.

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Back to school. All us youngins are too busy procrastinating to Fluther as much as we want to.

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Hi Trudacia. I miss you too. And as you know, I’m feeling the same way as you. But my life is changing right now, and I’m not on-line as much. I am around though…lurking.

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i’m seeing some of the coolest flutherites writing right now. you guys are in my fluther dome, some or most of you. you guys pulling out on me when i’m really feeling the fluther groove? i love this site. c’mon jackadams and the rest who are doubtful—we need your insight! fluther convention? is that our revival?

fluther convention. chicago.

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I think you will rediscover Fluther for yourself when you are ready. I have found myself taking hiatuses from time to time.

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I’m still too addicted to actually take a break, but I do feel what you’re talking about. Maybe after the election, things will return to a more normal state.

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I feel it too, though there have still been some good discussions about the Big Bang and such which I always enjoy reading :)

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And where is wildflower while we’re on the subject of missing people? Am I just on the wrong threads right now becasue I am so focussed on the election or has fame gone to your head and you’ve left us?

“I’m ready for my closeup now, Mr. DeMille?”

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I can’t relate as much….I used to be here all the time and then I took a break for a couple of months and now I am back in action so to speak. I like Fluther just the same as I did before I left. Sometimes it can make you feel a bit shadowed if your not part of the cool kids crew but really, since when did online relationships matter to me so much???? Psssht! Oh yeah, when I feel like I know most of you through some questions and I honestly care about how you are doing….And there was that one time when Shilolo saved my life via Fluther. Stick around, get to know the new folks and the old folks once again. I feel lucky to be part of a small enough Q&A site where everyone gets to know each other.

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Not offended. Just wish I knew what feeling you are talking about. And sorry if we upset that in any way. It will come back soon, I’m sure.

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This question is from10/08. It has nothing to do with you.

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Somehow I can’t imagine eyes closing and any type of kissing when I log on here. I’m too busy thinking and typing. But that’s just me.

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